Use Google Authorship Markup To Get Your Picture In Search Results

What is Google Authorship Markup?
Google authorship markup is a fantastic way to have the content you’ve created and published be credited to you when it appears in search results. It could be content on blogs you contribute to and even your store.

How does it work?
Well, all you need to do is link your Google+ account to the content you’ve published and vice versa.


Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Sales

Talk about some much needed shopping therapy. There always seems to be a reason for buying stuff. Anyway, I hope most of you would have put up your early Memorial Day weekend sale promotions to capture the mega crowd of shoppers who have either started shopping or are going to do so this weekend itself. Noticed that many of the major retailers had started early since last week. Don’t worry, you can still catch up 🙂 Just get the news out via social media.


Important Facebook Shop Tips To Take Note Of

Being able to sell your products on Facebook is an added bonus for many online business owners. These days, many customers prefer to communicate with businesses via social media like Facebook and Twitter as they want faster results instead of the usual email. The fact that these social media sites are open to the public is good reason for businesses to ensure that they are offering excellent products and services to avoid a public relations meltdown.

Anyway, for those who have yet to try selling on Facebook, just follow the easy steps to set up your Facebook Shop from the Admin panel. Here are a couple of important tips to take note of as well.


Design Tips From The Top Online Shopping Sites

What do some of the top online shopping sites have in common that draw tonnes of shoppers to buy from them? Nice pictures. Lots of nice, clear and colorful images. Less text. The design of their sites were made in such a way to put all the focus on the products. Whatever that is on the main page of their sites were placed there to capture the attention of shoppers the moment they land on the site. I’m not saying that everyone’s web store should all start looking like these top shopping sites as it would very well depend on what your own online store is selling but there are clear pointers that we could all learn and pick from these top sites.


Shopping Search Engines To Compare And Place Your Products

Getting your products more exposure will help spread the word about your online store. Normally, merchants will have their products added to the popular shopping search engines like Google Shopping and Amazon. However, there are a few other top comparison search engines that one could consider.

Most of these sites have major categories like Electronics, Computers, Clothing, Accessories, Appliances, Sports, Jewelry, Furniture, Health and Beauty, Home and Garden, Children, Games, etc.

Depending on the type of products that you are selling, you could check out the categories listed on these sites to see whether they are offering similar products as your store along with the pricing to compare.  If you’ve got a better price to offer, then by all means go for it.

If you’re on a tight budget, stick to the free ones. Otherwise, you could check out some of these popular shopping search sites that consumers normally go to when they want to look for specific products. I’ve listed the tops ones here. Most of them will charge a cost-per-click (CPC) rate.


Add Value To Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience

Selling at times is quite an art. You need a combination of getting the ‘desire effect’ right. Look at how Apple did it. Their products are more expensive but whenever there’s any product launch (or even a hint of it), everyone goes a bit nuts. Then comes the sales.

But let’s get down to reality here. Not all businesses are like Apple. Normal folks who are just setting up a small online store to sell products need to offer something more to their customers.

Other than the usual buy 2 and get 1 free or free shipping thrown in, one of the best ways would be to add some value to your customers. Depending on what type of product that you are selling, your online store should not only be about your products. It should have a mixture of tips, advice and relevant information to help your customers. Or it could even be a good place for people to visit to get relevant, useful and informative tips and advice. This will help your store’s SEO if you get a lot of natural traffic coming in.


Build Your Own Online Store With Proper Planning

Too Beautiful to Eat?Building your own online store may be easy for some people but for the majority who are not so techno-savy, they will need all the help they can get. Before you jump on the bandwagon to start your own online business, here are a few things that you will need to consider.


Online Store Tips For The Holiday Shopping Season

sausage platterSaw the news that Target has already started advertising their Christmas shopping. Most people may think that was way too early (we’re not even done with Halloween or Octoberfest yet!).

However, this should be a clear sign for online business owners to get their store ready for the holiday shopping season and not wait till the last minute.

Please make sure that your store’ s SEO has been tweaked properly. If you’re unsure on how to get that done, click HERE for a reference to our SEO Wizard Green Thumbs Up article.


SEO Won’t Work For An Unheard-of Product. What Then?

When the traffic lights are green

SEO works only if there is search trafficfor terms related to a product. For example, if you use a keyword tool to analyze traffic for the term ‘Nike Free 3.0’, you’d might discover that that term gets a few thousand searches a month.

Now turn back the clock 6 years, before the iPhone came along. If you had done a keyword analysis for the iPhone back then, it would have returned zero results. No one would be searching for it because no one would have ever heard of it. So, in such a case, there is no point using SEO and PPC.