The Art Of Choosing Domain Names

In order to start on online business you need a good domain name. Choosing an appropriate domain name should be right up there near the top of your business start up checklist. Many people have little or no idea of the importance that domain names (as well as business or site names) have on the SEO aspects of sites.

There are cases such as “”, for example, where the domain name in itself does not give any indication as to what the company is all about. If you didn’t know anything about computers or had been living in a cave for the last 15 or so years, then you probably wouldn’t know what sort of business Dell is. But since we do know that is the company site for the computer company Dell, and since Dell is in itself an extremely well-known brand name, they definitely don’t have any trouble with name recognition. However, having a site name that is “non-descriptive” is the exception rather than the rule.

In this article, we continue our series of tips on starting your own business by looking at ways of choosing good domain names for your online business. We’ll also suggest how you should go about exploring alternatives if you cannot get the exact domain name of your choice.


Business Start Up Checklist – A Must For Every New Business

Starting your own online business is a serious matter and a big step in your life. There’s a lot of time, money and effort involved and therefore every effort must be taken to ensure that everything is sorted out before your business gets underway in order to prevent any surprises later on.

To help with this, a business start up checklist is a must. The following is a 6 point basic business start up checklist that’s simple and direct and specially tailored to online home business entrepreneurs.

Read on to see what should be on your checklist…