SCAM ALERT – Fake Company Asking People To Send Them Money For Tasks

Please note that we have just been alerted that scammers are using our company name and website link to scam money from the public.

First they’ll ask you to complete a series of task where once you complete a task, you are asked to transfer money directly into their company bank account with amounts ranging from RM45, RM159 to RM999 onwards in order for them to pay you back the “commission”.

Here are screenshots on how they operate their scam via whatsapp groups with the phone number that they use which contain various Admins :

They are using our website address and company registration number to convince people that they are a legit company :

They will ask you for your full name, age, current occupation, bank account number and bank account name. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

After providing your personal information, they will ask you to start completing a task such as adding a product into the shopping cart of a merchant, they will ask you to take a screenshot of the shopping cart with the product to send to them.

Here are some examples of the “tasks” that the scammers will ask you to complete :

After you complete each task, they will then ask you to transfer cash instantly to their “company bank account” using DuitNow instead of GIRO or IBG transfer.

This is so that they can get your cash immediately.

DO NOT SEND DUITNOW Cash to them!!

They will keep asking you to complete task after task with the promise that you’ll earn higher commission (this is a PONZI Scheme, STOP IMMEDIATELY) :

When confronted, they will provide you with a “Staff name” and “Staff ID” which is a FAKE as they are not any of our company staff :

We do not offer any part-time employment to make purchases or post reviews on behalf of merchants.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Retargeting Funnel

When it comes to starting, growing, and expanding a business in the modern world of social media platforms and online communication, nearly all businesses now know that there is nothing more important than having an effective online marketing strategy. In order to ensure that the strategy is efficient and effective in getting the desired outcome, many companies are retargeting their previous customers and potential followers in order to maximize on their potential conversions that they get from online ads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preventing ad fatigue in your warm audiences on Facebook is critical for keeping up sales
  • Downloading and installing the Facebook Pixel can give you the tools you need to explore spreading out your influence
  • Working through the step by step process of the Facebook Pixel will help you begin maximizing your audience’s attention without tiring them

“In this article, you?ll discover how to build a Facebook ad funnel that retargets users with multiple ads over a substantial time period.”

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3 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Sales

If you are in need of boosting your sales, you have probably set your sights on advertising. There are few websites more popular right now than Facebook, but what exactly is the right ad campaign for you? There are three ad types which you might want to consider. Carousel ads are the most interactive of the bunch. You will often see them offering a discount to the consumer. A slideshow ad often shows multiple images in one campaign. Finally, a video ad is the most popular of the group.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are looking to boost your sales by advertising on Facebook, consider carousel ads
  • Slideshow ads might be Facebook’s most underutilized ads, but they are very persuasive.
  • Video ads are perhaps the most popular form of advertising on Facebook.

“Facebook video grabs your target audience?s attention in the news feed and then holds that attention for greater engagement.”

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The Facebook Attribution Window: How Facebook Tracks Conversions

One of the most widely used and prevalent online business advertisement tools in recent years has been the expansion of Facebook Ads. The opportunity to focus in on target markets and test ads against different demographics of people has been widely useful for businesses of all sizes. Understanding the ways in which Facebook tracks a conversion is necessary for all businesses, as they aim to use these conversion metrics in order to determine their ROI on their marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • People interact with your Facebook and Instagram ads, doing everything from merely looking, to site-visiting to buying an item.
  • Facebook records the conversions and the data is make readable to view and use under Ad Manager.
  • The attribution window refers to the amount of time that elapsed between when a converted user saw an ad and the time when the user acted on it.

“In this article, you?ll learn how to use the Facebook Attribution Window feature for Facebook ad campaigns.”

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How to Quickly & Easily Create a Buyer Persona [Free Tool]

When it comes to building a brand and growing a company from the ground up, one of the most important things is understanding exactly who the target market is that will be focused in on. In order to effectively accomplish this part of the business growth strategy, it is vital for new companies to develop buyer personas. Using various templates and tools can provide new businesses with a better idea of who exactly their target market is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ?Make My Persona? interactive web tool will help marketers create strategic buyer persona.
  • The tool was created with two unique paths, simplifying the complex task of creating buyer persona.
  • If you haven?t done your buyer persona research yet, the tool has an educational guide to help you do that.

“Well-researched buyer personas align departments — marketing, sales, and services — around actionable audience insights, creating a clear picture of exactly who you are trying to attract and serve.”

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Here are the 63 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator, which helps provide seed-funding for new startups, accepted a truckload of applications for its YC summer 2018 startups to fund list. As might be expected, the list was to say the least eclectic. However, by backing up to acquire a less overwhelming perspective, it became clear that there were constellations that revolved around themes. Put into percentages, there were maybe about 30% offering business to business service options, or software. There were almost that many going after the healthcare dollar, almost 10% for consumer goods and services and slightly less for consumer media. Blockchain brought up the tail-end at about 5%. About 15% of the founding members were female. About 11% were African American or Latino. About 19 countries were represented. Almost a third of the companies were based outside of the U.S. Some specifically innovative options included one company, Higia, which hoped to monitor thermal patterns in female breasts, via their unique brassier implant technology, thereby creating a non-invasive way to screen breasts. Sterblue is French drone software that will look over outdoor structures, examining for problems. Togg, which is designed for elder-care institutions can analyze and deliver data showing changes in residents behavior that are significant to their health.

Key Takeaways:

  • YC Summer 2018, held at the Computer History Museum, featured a large variety of start-up companies.
  • The start-ups at YC Summer 2018 included companies from the healthcare, consumer goods, media, and B2B software and services industries.
  • This year, 15 percent of the company founders at the YC event were female.

“A total of 63 companies took to the stage in front of a full audience at the Computer History Museum today in Mountain View to pitch on-off switches for organisms, laundry detergent subscription services, gymless gyms, lab-grown palm oil and sugary sugar substitutes.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Pods, the New Way Influencers Are Gaming the Algorithm

There are a bunch of new ways that influencers are using Instagram to get their word out there. Everyone is different and everyone is appealed to in different ways. It is hard to make everyone happy when launching a marketing campaign but if you are able to grab the attention of many people at once, then you will be set. It is hard to do that though. Instagram has made it easier for people to do that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram has become one of the best ways to market a potential product or page for yourself.
  • Influencers are now learning how to target certain groups of people to be consumers.
  • There are always new smart people who are trying to get ahead of the other competition.

“Now, your post can only appear at the top of a user’s feed if it earns a certain level of engagement, signaling to Instagram that your post is popular and should be shown to more people.”

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Your Startup Is Already Big Enough to Begin Using Marketing Automation

If you are a startup, no matter how big or small, you should definitely consider automation in order to step up your marketing campaign efforts. Automating certain processes can save you money on hiring, especially in the early days when your budget is lean. Social media campaigns are huge right now and are only going to become more popular. While a solid social media campaign takes a lot of thought and skill, many of the tasks involved can be automated so that you can devote your time to strategy and evaluation. Furthermore, automation can benefit your startup in that it can help you grow a lead generation and client database.

Key Takeaways:

  • Automating some of your tasks will save you time and money, both of which are generally in short supply at a startup.
  • Automation can gather information about potential clients and help you create a database that will be beneficial to your marketing.
  • Once you set up your automation tools to suit your particular business, you don’t have to worry so much about your marketing campaign not having the best chance against competitors.

“There are many reasons why you should look at automation as a boost for your startup?s marketing efforts.”

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One Medical may be in talks to raise more than $200 million

If there is one industry that has largely been disrupted thanks to the advent of technological advancement and modern tools, and one that has much needed disruption, is that of the medical and healthcare industries. One Medical, one of the most robust and game-changing software that has entered the startup and potential healthcare market in recent years, is now rumored to be in talks for getting a major investment in their late stage fundraising rounds to boost their platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Out to turn the doctor visit experience on its ear, One Medical is attempting to bring virtual doc visits mainstream.
  • Same day appointments and concierge service are two other aspects that One Medical is hoping to instill into medical practices.
  • Right now, the company is looking to buy 100 million in shares from its current investors.

“The latest calculation put the company at just over $1 billion in valuation.”

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