WhatsApp Share & Contact Mobile Store Buttons

WhatsApp Share And Contact feature on various mobile pages

WhatsApp is the juggernaut of mobile messaging apps. It has prevailed over many competitors which have branded themselves as much cooler with much more hip features. Alas, fads don’t last and WhatsApp remains one of the first apps downloaded when a new phone is purchased. It’s the darn emojis, I tell you. In January 2017, it was revealed that WhatsApp monthly active users have increased by 200 million, year on year. It now has a whopping 1.2 billion monthly active users. If you’re an InstanteStore merchant, find out below why you should tap into this resource and how to go about setting it up the WhatsAppp Share & Contact button for your store.


Drive Customer Engagement – Get Reviews On Google

Google Search Results for InstanteStore

Customer engagement is something that many merchants try to avoid like a plague…mainly because they have no idea how to go about engaging customers. Engaging your customers is a good way to remind them that you’re still alive and kicking and provide products and services that they might want or need. Lazada, AirAsia, Google Maps, Facebook Reviews and Booking.com are just some of the site’s which frequently try to engage me. Some of their strategies are pretty good and some are borderline spammy. Find out what works and what doesn’t and what does the image above have to do with this article.


Sneaky Target Keyword Hack

Google Target Keyword Search Suggestions

A decade or so ago, some people would try to optimize their pages with their main target keyword in all sorts of ways to try to game Google. They used to pepper their pages with their targeted keywords within articles which didn’t look they were written for humans. Search terms looked like they were forced to fit into page content. Target search terms were also stuffed into pages and then made invisible (to the human eye) by making the font color the same as the background colour. And the list goes on. But Google caught on to their tricks and those sites paid the price.

Fast forward a decade and Google’s algorithm has changed quite a bit. Google does not just look at keywords per se anymore. It looks at context. So how does one optimize a page based on context?


Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Online Store – Ask 3 Super Simple Questions

glowing light bulb

Do you know why people land on your online store and then just leave…sometimes within just a few seconds? No? Why not ask them? What’s the worse that could happen? They might not answer or perhaps they might go on a rant. Believe it or not, the latter might be a source of very useful information to help reduce bounce rate and increase conversions on your online store .


Why Your Customers Don’t Read Your Newsletters

I almost always choose to receive newsletters from the online stores I buy from. I don’t just do that so I can share what I’ve learned with you guys. I genuinely want to know when they have exclusive offers and be notified when new products are about to hit their shelves. I love to get invites to exclusive sales and I appreciate it when they send me Free Shipping discount codes for my birthday, because shipping anything halfway round the world costs a lot of dough.


Is Cross Selling Doing Your Store More Harm Than Good?

Cross selling is good, as long as you know what, where and when to cross sell. Cross selling helps improve per order value when done right. It also helps improve the image of the store especially if it seems that the items you suggest would actually benefit the shopper in some way.

But cross selling can harm your sales and reputation if you do not put any thought into it.


Price Matching And Undercutting – The Alternatives

Have you ever wondered why people still shop at online stores where items cost more than at other stores? Why don’t those stores just price match or under cut their competitors?

Well, for one thing, bigger stores might have economies of scale but they might have higher overheads too. If price matching and undercutting is going to end up eating into profits, staying afloat might be a challenge.

So, stores like that bank on other methods to attract customers. They know they won’t attract everyone, but as long as the volume they attract can make them a profit, that’s all they need.