Get A Custom Designed Website + Branding Solution With InstanteStore – From Concept To Creation

InstanteStore is more than just an ecommerce platform. We’ve been working with clients from around the world since 2001 helping them to sell their products and services online.

When it comes to creating a custom designed website for a branding solution, we’ve got you covered as we’re pretty flexible and versatile when it comes to helping our merchants!

Custom Designed Website Service

We recently had the privilege to work with Xiao Healthy to come up with a brand new website for their flagship product – avocado milk, which goes by the name AvoMilk.

Our website designer thought through the colour scheme along with the type of fonts and images needed to create the desired effect for their new website.

Branding Solution And Product Showcase

Our client wanted a website that will showcase their product with all the important information displayed in an easy to read format which looks friendly and welcoming.

No problem!

They wanted their product to have total transparency with their target market in listing the key ingredients that was used to make it.

If you’re going to be consuming it, you’d want to know what went into making it right?

We got it all listed down nicely for them complete with images.

This also shows the confidence they have in their flagship product which targets the health-conscious market, especially those who are looking for a dairy-free alternative which is also gluten free and with no preservatives.

Our website designer created the different images to show how natural and healthy Avocado Milk is so that consumers can see at one glance instead of having to read through long lines of text. Nice!

Our graphic designer did an amazing job working with Xiao Healthy to come up with the concept, mockup graphic design before finally building a custom designed website for them.

We built them a custom designed website that is suited for their target market and in line with their company branding.

The result is a fresh, vibrant, youthful, consumer-friendly look that is targeted to those who are looking for a healthy drink that will meet their nutritional needs.

Does your company website or brand need a complete revamp?

Or do you require a custom design website service for a particular product or service?

Whatever your design needs are, the team at InstanteStore in partnership with Logo Design Studio are able to handle it.

Contact us for a custom website design quotation or for any design needs.

We’re more than happy to help!

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