Why Isn’t My Store Ranking On Google Search Results?

News Flash for Newbies! Your store is not the only one on the web. It’s true. There are thousands of others which were there way before yours. And all of them are trying to get on the first page of search results so if you’re expecting to see your store on the first page within a few months then you need to bring it down your expectation level a couple of notches unless you…

Pay For Traffic (Pay Per Click)
Paid ads are an easy and possibly a good way to get your site’s link on the first page of search results. But use this method only if you’ve done your research on which keywords convert and which do not. Otherwise you could be looking at lots of traffic headed your way but with no sales to show for it. You could end up burning a hole on your pocket.

Here are a couple of articles to give you a heads-up on this.


Use Google Authorship Markup To Get Your Picture In Search Results

What is Google Authorship Markup?
Google authorship markup is a fantastic way to have the content you’ve created and published be credited to you when it appears in search results. It could be content on blogs you contribute to and even your store.

How does it work?
Well, all you need to do is link your Google+ account to the content you’ve published and vice versa.