InstanteStore App – New Support Ticket Feature

The team recently added a new feature to our InstanteStore App which allow merchants to easily create and send us a Support Ticket.

To know more about the app and its features, please click here.

What’s cool about this latest feature is that new and existing merchants can now communicate more effectively with our tech support team when it comes to highlighting or describing an issue or problem that they need help with using our ecommerce solution.

Normally, merchants will have to login to their store to send us a support ticket from Admin.

Now with this new feature, merchants can download the InstanteStore App either from Google Play or App Store (don’t worry it’s FREE), add products and manage orders from the convenience of their mobile AND reach our tech support team by creating a ticket from the app.

Just click on Support and fill up the relevant details.

InstanteStore App Support Ticket

They can choose to explain the problem they’re encountering by :

– making a voice recording
taking a picture of the page
taking a video with their mobile phone to show the sequence of events
type it all in text format

The app will notify you via your mobile once the ticket is updated.

It’s just one of the ways of improving communication between our tech support team and merchants as we want to help them solve their problems as quickly as possible.

To do that, we want to provide relevant features to help make communication better, clearer and faster.

Try out our app and let us know what you think about it.

We appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and questions that we’ve been receiving so far.

Keep them coming as we’re constantly working on improving our ecommerce software to help you solve problems and grow your business further.

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