What Sells In A Sluggish Economy?

The unemployment rate is still high and the global economy is still in early recovery mode yet the number of web stores is still growing. Are these new online merchants crazy or do they know something others don’t?

Many people ask, “What is the best home business opportunity or what is the best Internet business to get into?” Maybe they have been asking the wrong questions. We’ll try to point out what the right questions are in this article. Most successful merchants aren’t geniuses. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to run a web store. In fact, successful merchants are those who ask the simplest questions every time they are confronted with a new challenge. In our current economic situation, the million dollar question is, “What would people buy when timesĀ  are hard?”


Shopping Bots – An Online Business Opportunity To Make More Money

Shopping bots are also known as price comparison sites. Consumers use shopping bots’ search engines to look for particular products and then compare prices and other available information such as consumer ratings and reviews.

Shopping bot and price comparison services are growing at a rate of over 30% per annum. Such services have become so popular that many have been bought up by industry giants like Microsoft.

Traffic arriving from such sites is targeted and the likelihood of a visitor ending up buying something is high. Which is why many online stores register with shopping bots. If you are an business opportunity seeker who has just started a web store with an easy shopping cart and you’re looking for an online business opportunity to make more money, making use of shopping bot and price comparison services could be very useful.