Shopping Bots – An Online Business Opportunity To Make More Money

Shopping bots are also known as price comparison sites. Consumers use shopping bots’ search engines to look for particular products and then compare prices and other available information such as consumer ratings and reviews.

Shopping bot and price comparison services are growing at a rate of over 30% per annum. Such services have become so popular that many have been bought up by industry giants like Microsoft.

Traffic arriving from such sites is targeted and the likelihood of a visitor ending up buying something is high. Which is why many online stores register with shopping bots. If you are an business opportunity seeker who has just started a web store with an easy shopping cart and you’re looking for an online business opportunity to make more money, making use of shopping bot and price comparison services could be very useful.

Is Your Store Prepared?

Registering your store with shopping bots can be a great way to get targeted traffic to your site but only if visitors see your store as providing quality products with appealing benefits and services along with competitive prices. This is because most shopping bot sites display results along with ratings. Visitors generally stay away from sites that are rated 2 and below out of a possible 5 stars. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that your products are always of a certain standard and that your before- and after-sales customer service is helpful and efficient.


Once you are confident that your store and products have what it takes to compete with the competition, you can then register your store with shopping comparison sites. Most price comparison sites have a very easy registration process. Once you have selected the appropriate category listing for your store, you can then upload your product feed. Shopping cart solutions like InstanteStore provide easy exports of product feeds for various different shopping comparison sites. Though some price comparison sites are free, a lot of sites charge on a per-per-click (PPC) basis or a flat rate for product placement.

SEO/Traffic Benefits

Comparison sites also work hard to ensure that their sites rank well with search engines. These sites put a good deal of effort into search engine optimization as well. Having your store and products listed on comparison sites provides your store and products with additional outlets for traffic and potential customers. Another good thing about comparison sites is that most of them are affiliated with a few other sites. In other words, if you register with one site, your store or products could be featured on the others for free.


There are some concerns about shopping bots. The most common concern is that some bots do not update products feeds often enough. This has resulted in some shoppers landing on products pages only to find out that the product is out of stock or that the price has changed. To remedy this, submit products that have more or less stable pricing and stock levels, and/or update your store products at the comparison sites that you’ve registered with when your product catalog or prices change.

So if you are looking for an online business opportunity to make more money, shopping bots are a valid option. Just remember to make sure that your store’s products, services, and customer service are up to mark before you start signing up.

Have you registered with shopping bots before? Tell us about your experience.

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