Home Business Start Up Tip – Spread The Word With Facebook

Social networking sites are everywhere these days. Look around your workplace, and you’ll notice that almost everyone has an account on at least one social networking site. Companies have joined the bandwagon too. It seems that practically every major brand and event has their own Facebook page. And why shouldn’t they? Businesses all around the world are trying to leverage on the fact that this massive social networking site has more than 300 million members. If you have your web hosting online shopping cart ready, then the next thing to do is create a Facebook page for your store. It’s a simple process. You don’t need to write marketing strategy before you start out or anything like that.

In this post we will look at a few more home business start up tips. This time, we will look at how we can make full use of the Facebook phenomenon to improve business at our web stores.


Merchant Account – Getting Started

There are many things that go on behind the scenes of ecommerce shopping cart software storefronts so that everything runs smoothly. We have already mentioned quite a few of these goings-on in our articles on starting your own business, specially tailored towards home business start up newbies.

If you intend to operate a web store or a few ecommerce shopping cart software storefronts, the main mode of payment for your customers would likely be credit cards. One way to go about receiving funds via credit cards is through a merchant account. As mentioned in an earlier article, you can apply for a merchant account through merchant service providers (MSPs) such as banks or via independent service organizations (ISOs), third party organizations that enable registered merchants to accept charge or credit cards.

However, the application process can be cumbersome at times. In this article, we will examine the requirements necessary for a merchant account application to be given the green light.