Home Business Start Up Tip – Spread The Word With Facebook

Social networking sites are everywhere these days. Look around your workplace, and you’ll notice that almost everyone has an account on at least one social networking site. Companies have joined the bandwagon too. It seems that practically every major brand and event has their own Facebook page. And why shouldn’t they? Businesses all around the world are trying to leverage on the fact that this massive social networking site has more than 300 million members. If you have your web hosting online shopping cart ready, then the next thing to do is create a Facebook page for your store. It’s a simple process. You don’t need to write marketing strategy before you start out or anything like that.

In this post we will look at a few more home business start up tips. This time, we will look at how we can make full use of the Facebook phenomenon to improve business at our web stores.

Home Business Start Up Tip 1 – Create A Presence

Nike has at least 3 pages on Facebook. One’s a general Nike brand page, another is a page specifically for Nike shoes and the third is a page for Nike’s fashion line. Facebook members who are fans of Nike can become fans of these pages and post comments, usually describing their love for Nike’s products. It’s practically free advertising.

You too can set up such pages of your own. You can use the features on Facebook to make announcements like product launches, product previews and also upcoming sales. You could also put up product details on your store’s Facebook page to try to soft sell items.

Home Business Start Up Tip 2 – Creating Links

Don’t forget to create links back to your store’s product pages from your Facebook updates. You must not forget that the ultimate intention of setting up these pages is to drive traffic back to your store. You can also integrate your site with Facebook via Facebook Connect to get more traffic. Follow this link to find out more.

You can also synchronize your Facebook updates with Twitter, a very popular micro-blogging application. Find out how to do this here. The networking potential of both these applications is phenomenal. Once set up, you only really need to update either application in order to update the other, saving you valuable time.

Home Business Start Up Tip 3 – Great Way To Retain Customers

Make sure your customers know that you are on Facebook. You can do this by making a little announcement on your store’s main page as well as including a button on every site page (easily done by placing an image link at your InstanteStore’s right or left border) that links directly to your Facebook page. Customers who are members or fans of your store’s Facebook page can do your store wonders in terms of customer retention. It’s also a great alternative to promote items on Facebook as opposed to sending out newsletters as some customers might be more inclined to the “Facebook feel of things”. Of course this does not mean that you should abandon the idea of sending out newsletters. Difficult though it may seem to believe, not everyone is on Facebook, you know (at least, not yet).

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