3 EASY Mistakes : E-Commerce Businesses Make

EASY MISTAKES- E-commerce Businesses Make

3 Mistakes E-commerce Businesses tend to make. Building your own e-commerce store might be easy, however it does involve quite a bit of thought and dedication. This blog post will show you the 3 main mistakes people tend to make when starting up their online business.


Free Online Shopping Cart Advice – Content That Converts

You may have asked yourself, “How do I start my own website or web store?” Well, before you sign up for a website shopping cart solution, take a look at a few sites and see how they work. If you’re interested in selling shoes, key in a related search term and look at the results. Browse a few web stores. See which ones interest you enough to stay on and which ones actually compel you to buy from them.

In this installment of our free online shopping cart advice series, we’ll take a look at why content on web pages need not be verbose. We’ll also look at what you should consider when optimizing a web page.