Online Shopping Cart Checkout Website Design Alternative

As you would expect from a top shopping cart provider, InstanteStore offers a wide array of online shopping cart checkout website design payment methods for merchants to choose from. Stores usually have more than 1 shopping cart payment method in order to be more accessible to a wider market in terms of payment acceptance.

Google Checkout is an alternative to the popular PayPal shopping cart software payment method. But as with all online shopping cart checkout website design payment methods, none are perfect; which is why it is better to have a variety available at your store, requirements and cost permitting. Before you decide to offer Google Checkout as a payment method at your store, read on to find out the pros and the cons.


Why More Customers Are Using PayPal

After just 100 months in the payments platform business, PayPal had already amassed 133 million users and more merchants than Visa, MasterCard and American Express put together (according to Chris Skinner, CEO of Balatro and chairman of the Financial Services Club). This was way back in 2007. Some stats have shown that PayPal is the preferred mode of payment boasting figures anywhere from 5% to 23% of the total number of online shoppers polled. The figures are impressive indeed.

In this article, we will look at why a growing horde of online shoppers choose PayPal and why merchants insist on PayPal shopping cart software integration in their ecommerce solution.


A Brief Insight Into Payment Gateways

If your store is doing really well and getting orders day and night, there’s no way that you’re going to able to stay awake perpetually to process orders even if you’re an insomniac. Thankfully, there is a solution that enables payment to be processed 24/7 while allowing e-store owners around the world to get a good night’s rest. Needless to say, our solution has this good free shopping cart software feature.

Enter Payment Gateways. A payment gateway is like a point-of-sale terminal at conventional retail outlets. It processes credit card orders and authorizes payments in real-time while keeping all transaction information safe and secure. Payment gateway integration is one of the first shopping cart features merchants usually look for and, as mentioned before, this good free shopping cart software feature is available (for major gateways) at InstanteStore. There are actually two main types of payment gateway, as we’ve mentioned in a previous article. In this article we will go a bit deeper and explore the differences between the two, and how particular aspects of each might affect merchants.