Online Shopping Cart Checkout Website Design Alternative

As you would expect from a top shopping cart provider, InstanteStore offers a wide array of online shopping cart checkout website design payment methods for merchants to choose from. Stores usually have more than 1 shopping cart payment method in order to be more accessible to a wider market in terms of payment acceptance.

Google Checkout is an alternative to the popular PayPal shopping cart software payment method. But as with all online shopping cart checkout website design payment methods, none are perfect; which is why it is better to have a variety available at your store, requirements and cost permitting. Before you decide to offer Google Checkout as a payment method at your store, read on to find out the pros and the cons.

First, let’s begin with the advantages of Google Checkout. For shoppers, Google Checkout promises convenience, speed and security. Buyers who have a Google Checkout account can use their Google Checkout account to log in and make payments for their purchases at stores that support Google Checkout, without having to create separate accounts at the individual stores. Google Checkout also provides the option of keeping buyer email addresses hidden from the stores that buyers purchase from. Using Google Checkout gives buyers the option of trusting Google with their purchase history and payment information, versus individual stores or payment processors.

Stores that offer a Google Checkout payment option will have a Google Checkout badge next to their name when they appear in Google’s search results page. This tells customers right away that the store accepts payment via Google Checkout. Google Checkout also allows customers to track their orders and view their purchase history.

Now here are the drawbacks. Only merchants with a United States or UK address and bank account can use Google Checkout to process transactions. Also, Google Checkout is not considered a proper payment gateway; it is not a regulated financial institution and thus not FDIC insured.

It also takes about 5 business days to transfer funds to a bank account and this must be done upon request by the merchant. In addition, there may be a monthly payout limit. There is no customer support service like email or live chat if anything goes wrong.

Although Google Checkout allows you the to sell items without a shopping cart, you can only sell one item at a time with the Buy Now button. In order to sell more than a single item at a time, you would need to have a shopping cart with Google Checkout integration, like we fortunately have. However, you will not be able to customize the checkout process because your customers are redirected to Google Checkout to complete payment.

It’s usually a good idea to offer a few different payment options (as long as the costs and requirements make sense of course). This gives customers flexibility in how they can pay you for their orders. Study the pros and cons of each payment method and select the ones that best suit your store’s needs.

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