3 Key Advantages E Commerce Affords

Were you that kid who set up a lemonade stand in your neighborhood, dreaming of making enough so that you could get that Transformer/Barbie doll that was all the rage? Have you grown into an adult who dreams of making enough to not have to worry about providing for your family or perhaps buying cool grown-up gadgets?

The Internet and E commerce have made global entrepreneurship possible, and along with it your dreams of financial security and more.

I read somewhere that if you want to sell something, you cannot afford NOT to go online. You have to go global. Why?

Market Size

There are many advantages e commerce offers a merchant that a conventional business cannot (not without having to spending a ton of money, at least). For one, the online market is huge. 17% of the world’s population or over 1 billion people are online today. In 2006, shoppers spent a $102.1 billion online. Be sure that your web store takes advantage of this vast market by choosing and using a top-notch online ecommerce shopping cart solution.

Complement Your Existing Store

“90% of those surveyed say they have a better overall shopping experience when they research products online before shopping in-store.”

– Harris Interactive

If you already run a conventional brick-and-mortar store, an online store might actually boost the sales of your offline store. We live in an age where information is power. Consumers like to know a thing or two about the products they’ll be buying before they make purchases. Psychologists have suggested that different people research before they purchase for different reasons. Some like to be assured that they are getting the best deal. Others like to know that they are doing the right thing by buying something that they need. From a marketing point of view, as long as you tailor your information to target these different groups, you can pretty much guarantee sales.

DIY – Not A Problem

To take full advantage of the e commerce opportunities that the Internet provides, you need to make sure that you pick the best ecommerce solution. If you’ve made the right choice, you can run multiple online stores with relative ease. This is one of the key advantages e commerce solutions provide. You don’t have to worry about HR matters, storage space and boring department meetings. All you need to do as a merchant is make sure you market your store well, see to it that your site is “sticky” and ready to convert customers, and finally make sure that you have time to approve payments (if you do not subscribe to a payment gateway/processor) and reply customer email.

That leaves plenty of time for golf, family and that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on.

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