How Modern Customers Shop in 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The modern shopper is defined by responsibilities, ever elusive to define but ever so innovative, looking for the best possible deals and opportunities to put their money to very good use.

How modern customers shop in 2017. How modern customers shop

Ecommerce trends by generation. How modern customers shop

ecommerce trends by parental status. How modern customers shop

spending and conversion rates. How modern customers shop

marketplace shopper characteristics and trends. How modern customers shop

different types of shoppers and their characteristics . How modern customers shop

Short Description:

In an attempt to provide usable information to business and growth enthusiasts about the modern shopper, an article about their shopping behavior was written by the e-commerce writer Tracey Wallace, distilling raw e-commerce consumer data into key statistics that can be used to help businesses understand where customers are going to shop, what they are buying, what channels they use to do so, how long and how often they shop.

This infographic is a compression of some of that information, visually represented to act as a reference to the business owner, e-commerce specialist or any other like minded person available whenever they need it.

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