8 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

Want to know how important digital marketing is for your business?


  1. Saves you money

Digital marketing will save you more money compared to traditional marketing. This will especially benefit the smaller business who do not have big budgets to spend on marketing or capital. New media today can provide you with a cheaper and more effective way of advertising. Considering

everyone today is so advanced with technology.


  1. Digital content to customers

Digital content such as using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to post and promote and talk about your products are much more effective than billboards, direct mail and PR campaigns today. The stronger your online presences is the better for your business as this will give your business a lot of exposure.


  1.  Mobile and Tablets

With the never ending advancing of technology mobile devices and tablets are slowly replacing the use of computers and laptops. 91% of adults in the US have their phones within arms reach and uses it to browse on the internet more often than they use their laptops/computers. Majority of the population today are constantly on their mobile devices to it is crucial that you use marketing strategies and tactics that support mobile devices.    


  1. Tracking your Customer

Tracking tools such as google analytics can help you track your customer’s buying or browsing behavior. For example, what they like to buy or what kind of item they have showed interest in. From there you will have an idea of how to market the product to them to get them to buy from you.


  1. Social Media Encouragement

Through using various social media channels you can reach a wider market and this will help your company grow tremendously too. Always target your customers based on age, interest and country. This way, you can interact with them and encourage them to buy by using digital media.


  1. Getting “Likes”

Social media is a very important factor when it comes to digital marketing and is often underestimated. The more “likes”. “Shares” and “tweets” you get on your social media channels the more your company will grow and it will also build trust and credibility with your customers. Also, this will also help increase traffic to your website if you were to advertise about your new products or about a discount you’re having on your website.


  1. Get Ahead of Your Competitors.

In this day and age most business have let of of the traditional ways of marketing go and have shifted their focus on SEO, Social Media and Google Adwords. With so many businesses and competitors in the market now it makes it hard for a small business to be ahead in the game with the big leagues. However, you can use Google Alerts as a tool to help you figure out who exactly your competitors are and where they stand in the market. You can also monitor their marketing strategies and learn from them, maybe also implementing some of their ideas into your business.


  1. Trust

Most people go onto the internet searching for reviews or opinions on things before buying something. Digital marketing grows from social proof, such as real testimonials from customers who have previously used or purchased an item or service from you. Most of us are more likely to buy something based on a good review. Customers reviews on your Facebook page or twitter can make or break your business.So make sure you give your customers the best service you can and if a customer is unhappy try your best to compensate them before they give you a bad review.


A short article on the importance of digital marketing for your business. Not sure how to do it? Too much to handle? Let instanestore do it for you! We’ll help you boost your online business to its full potential.

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