3 EASY Mistakes : E-Commerce Businesses Make

EASY MISTAKES- E-commerce Businesses Make

3 Mistakes E-commerce Businesses tend to make. Building your own e-commerce store might be easy, however it does involve quite a bit of thought and dedication. This blog post will show you the 3 main mistakes people tend to make when starting up their online business.


Are Customers Bouncing Off Your Site?

Phew! 2011 sure whizzed by fast! 2012 is a brand new year with new resolutions (and maybe some old spill overs!) and more exciting things to look forward to for this year. It’s going to be GREAT! I hope many of you had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year with family and friends along with all the wonderful food that we just can’t get enough of.


Online Marketing – Great Advantages Waiting for You

Do you want to increase traffic to your website?
Draw potential customers directly to your product?

Online marketing makes this possible.

The spread and reach of traditional media such as television, newspapers and magazines has decreased somewhat but Internet companies still need to use marketing as a tool to spread information about their products and services to potential customers. The exciting news is that there are numerous advantages to being online.

What are they? Read on… (more…)