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Sell Online In Malaysia – 23 Popular eCommerce Products

If you’re anything like me, you’re always wondering what the best new products to sell online in Malaysia are.

Competition is intense. We have several leading online marketplaces featuring a wide range of product categories. It does seems as though eCommerce in Malaysia is full with no space left for new or smaller merchants to thrive.

It’s not true though.

eCommerce in Malaysia is still budding.

If you want to learn the basics, check out this article by StartupBros. It details a step-by-step process of finding profitable products to sell online.

Here is a list of 23 products that are currently trending in Malaysia to help with your store. I’ve also included sourcing information.

These products are growing in demand, and I’ve ensured they don’t have high competition (yet).

Get started by clinking on a link to go to that category, or just scroll through and see the entire list!

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    1. MEM Watches

    Counter-clockwise watches? Why not, say the innovators at MEM Watches, a company based in Seri Kembangan. Thus so we have the +CLOCKWISE products. The idea is fresh, and the public have taken a liking to the quirkiness of it all.

    I’ll refrain from suggesting any particular model to sell, as I am unable to find evidence for individual models. Suffice to say that the Ocean Pair for men & women & the Karlene for ladies are the most popular. Consider checking with them directly.

    As any smart watch company should, they have lines for both men & women, called Adam & Eve. They also have a range of wall mounted clocks called “Walltickers”. Walltickers! I’m liking this company.

    It is actually well established in Malaysia. Have a look at the huge list of regional distributors and contact detailshere.

    Do you want to sell or start your own personal accessories store? Start Now We will support you!


    2. Safi Rania Gold

    The three cleansers by Safi in the Rania Gold line are very popular right now. They cater to the mid-20’s market in the highly competitive anti-aging niche. Yet somehow, despite the impressive amount of interest, there is little online competition. That is always a good sign when looking for new products to feature in eCommerce stores.

    Safi does have a wide range of products you may want to check out, but purely from a statistical point of view, the Rania Gold line is your bet best to start with.

    Get in contact with distributor Wipro Unza to get supply information.

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!

    3. Duoya Mascara

    In the flood of Korean born cosmetics, Duoya mascara (also Korean) certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by the local public. The brand itself is rather new & trendy in Malaysia, having been brought in mid/late 2015. It’s getting a lot of attention from popular beauty bloggers for it’s ease of use, and there is adequate support for eCommerce merchants by the distributor, who is even offering drop shipping.

    This is a product that is very new in Malaysia but the accessibility for merchants is really pushing the product to the fore, so much so that the brand name itself has already been identified as an advertising keyword on Google, albeit still a very, VERY cheap keyword. Even more good news is the low competition for a significant monthly search volume.

    Two options to reach the sole distributor, Norafurla: Facebook or Instagram

    ***I’ve been informed that there are counterfeit products around so order your supply from the channels listed to avoid problems***

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!

    4. Naked Eyeshadow – Urban Decay

    Naked – in case you didn’t already know – is a term the cosmetics company has given for a colour palette that is neutral. This has become incredibly popular and been copied by many other brands to help consumers create a look that seems natural. Consumers are enjoying the Naked line as it provides neutral palettes that are anything but boring, from the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal, it’s all there. It’s almost local customization, but not quite.

    I won’t suggest any particular model to target, as there is a wide range (Naked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Naked Basics, Smoky, Flushes) of products in the Naked series, and we’re only covering the eyeshadow palette here, there is still the concealer, cream, balm and foundation, BUT I do know a trending product line when I see one, and this definitely fits the bill.

    Contact Loreal via email for supply detaisl:

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!


    5. Magic Cushion

    In case you’re just tuning in: compact cushions are a type of sponge that users dab onto skin with an applicator. The sponge is filled with goodies that contain anti-aging ingredients, UV protection, moisturizer, and skin-whitening. The MISSHA magic cushion is one of such compacts, and don’t mistake this for some in now-out-soon trend. Lancome validated this market by coming up with their own line, called the Miracle Cushion.

    They first launched a case in 2014 that was such a miss they had to put on the brakes, releasing an updated version almost a year later, which as you can see has worked wonders with the public.

    6. Line Friends

    This is the Line Friends variant of the Magic Cushion. As much as the Magic Cushion compacts are trending, the Line Friends versions are almost completely overshadowing them. They’re essentially the same product, just with impish designs celebrating the collaboration with Line Friends. Given that consumers can get the same thing with a special edition design, who wouldn’t want to, right?

    The Line Friends collaboration extends to beyond the cushion compact line, but the Line Friends cushion compact trend mirrors that of the generic Magic Cushion line so that’s a sure win!

    Click here for supply.

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!

    7. Innisfree Face Mask

    Originally from Korea, Innisfree was brought to Malaysian borders as recently as 2015, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. The brand is known for it’s green eco stand, and it leverages the social & community work it does as a way to get noticed by the public. That gives it an edge over millennials who are increasingly looking for worthy brands to be attach loyalty to, where there is visible community building and social conscience.

    The most popular product they have to offer Malaysians appears to be facial masks, specifically the Squeeze Mask series.

    Get your Innisfree products here or via email:

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!

    8. Forencos 7 Days Mask

    What’s this? A sudden surge in public interest? Could this be the holy grail of getting the jump on a new product? I’d say so! That’s over 700 searches in its first month alone!

    I’ve gone through a dozen or so new Korean cosmetics and skin care offerings, and the 7 Days Mask is the only one that I’ve found that is this close to the beginning of a surge in demand. It’s so new in fact that the official page doesn’t even have English as a language option yet. Almost all the interest so far has come from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, but only supply is bottlenecking interest from different parts of Malaysia.

    No one is advertising this product yet, probably because only one eCommerce merchant is actually offering this product in Malaysia, which is of course mainly due to the fact that this is such a new trend. It won’t be long before everyone else catches on though, so go ahead and get yours here.

    Are you distributor or cosmetics company? Do you want to sell cosmetics online? Start Now We will support you!


    9. Hiruscar Post Acne

    Hiruscar is another product distributed and marketed by DKSH, of which I think they are doing a very good job, especially recently. The product is gaining a lot of traction thanks to on ground & digital marketing efforts, with roadshows and competitions bearing the brand name.

    You’ll notice the ad price being higher than others on this list, and the reason is simple. This is a product in the highly lucrative but also highly competitive EVERGREEN niche of acne solutions. Yet despite being so popular, there is barely any competition in the marketplace for this product specifically. That’s a grabbable opportunity if I ever saw one.

    No surprise that it is already being carried by popular stores like Guardian, Watsons & Lazada, although the game far from over. Use your smarts – advertise (paid or otherwise) the fact that you carry this product and corner the market on it. It isn’t hard to pull off considering barely anyone else is actively advertising it, banking instead on customers going to them for the product. It still isn’t an expensive investment, but given the niche it’s in, that’s certainly not going to be the case forever.

    Contact DKSH for supply.

    Interested in selling skin care online? Start Now We will support you!



    *PRO TIP: Incredibly popular in southeast Asia! – esp Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah & Sarawak*

    Pomade has become a breakout trend since 2013, gaining massive worldwide popularity with the help of superstars like Zayn Malik to back up its use for styling hair. It doesn’t end there though! The industry picked up on its popularity immediately and has grown so huge there is even a pomade eyebrow styler (as far as I can tell!) available .

    Convinced yet? Then let’s move on to choosing a brand to represent this increasingly popular product. Despite having a range of options like Layrite, Upppercut & Imperial, I’ve narrowed the choice down to the best ONE, in terms of online trend, search volume and potential. The other brands do have volume and commercial intent for sure, and there can’t be very much harm in stocking a few different brands, but none have come close to the results I’ve gotten when I came across:

    10. Suavecito

    It’s become such that if you’re in Malaysia looking for pomade, you need look no further than Suavecito, who have become very popular thanks to the ability to market themselves and their competence in creating high quality products. Like quite a few other brands I’ve listed here, they are big on community & social work, and are very active in their local communities.

    This attitude has yet again shown to be very favourable to a new age of consumers who are increasingly attaching loyalty to brands that show initiative in engaging with communities, and are able to demonstrate social conscience. They consistently market themselves, getting themselves in front of people at events and roadshow, and this has helped consumers identify with the brand image and what it stands for.

    There is widespread demand for the brand in Malaysia as well as commercial intent, but as of 2016 still very low competition. They also have a newer line of products specifically for women like hairspray & hair clips, but I have not found enough evidence to support including any in this list, short of making a brief mention, which I’ve now done.

    You can get in touch with the sole distributor for Malaysia via
    email: Pixiedust Trading
    or phone: 010-8023236 / 0111-5400442

    Want to sell hair care products online? Start Now We will support you!

    11. Batiste Dry Shampoo

    That’s right: It’s DRY! Did you even know about dry shampoo before this? I’ll admit I only found out about it in 2015, but the very idea of washing my hair with a dry substance intrigued me and according to the charts, I’m definitely not alone.

    Dry shampoo is actually not a new thing, however as a trend it has only recently begun to gain traction. It is marketed as a product for the trendy working crowd who clearly have no time for standard liquid based shampoos and need a quick fix. As you can see, it hit a spike in popularity in June 2009 and has been gaining a steady following ever since.

    Batiste, the UK born dry shampoo company is quickly spreading its reach, with new distribution locations & marketing campaigns being created all the time in many new regions.

    Their ability to create mass appeal has made them something of an industry leader in this niche, contributing to spikes in brand interest as well as significantly higher average yearly increase in interest.

    There are a number of SKUs to choose from, but if I had to choose ONLY ONE I’d go with Blush, which is the most popular among consumers in other more established regions.

    DKSH is the local distributor for Batiste.

    Want to sell hair care products online? Start Now We will support you!

    PC Hardware – Mouse

    12. Deathadder Chroma

    deathadder chroma boxset

    Razer released the Chroma edition of their best-selling gaming mouse – the Deathadder – almost two years ago. Chroma is simply what they are calling the RGB features, which is illumination from over 16 million colour choices. In short it can light up like a photoshopped rainbow.

    While the Deathadder series were incredibly popular before, now that the full colour illumination is is standard, the series seems to have been adopted with renewed enthusiasm. Overall interest has yet to take a hit since launch, and considering the price point compared to other comparable options, I don’t see interest waning anytime soon.

    Get your supply from Ban Leong Technologies.

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!

    13. SteelSeries Rival

    3 colour options for rival mouse

    Want to give your customers some options? Adding the Rival by Steelseries to your product list will do just that. It’s the rival to the Deathadder in every way, in terms of price, specs and size. Although it didn’t see a very promising beginning, interest in the model has been increasing and I don’t doubt it is here to stay.

    The bonus here is that they have a Dota 2 version of the Rival! Yes, you’ve no doubt heard about the most popular, most lucrative eSports game in the world. Everyone has – thanks to Valve hosting multi million dollar prize pool competitions.

    Dota 2 adwords results

    That’s the highest volume of searches of all the products featured on this list and mindbogglingly with such low commercial competition. Granted it isn’t a product you can buy – it’s a game – yet it entices its players to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on merchandising.

    Players & fans spends significant amounts of money on thing like plushies, jerseys and best of all, in game cosmetic items. It’s not hard to imagine someone looking for a gaming mouse would be interested in buying the Dota 2 variant, especially since the everlasting promotion is that it’s the same price as the regular model.


    Look to get supplied by local distributors Nation Tech.

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!

    PC Hardware – Mechanical Keyboard

    Mechanical keyboards are sort of an anomaly. Most people who were around during the 80’s & the 90’s probably owned one at some point. They went out of fashion around the turn of the century as membrane keyboards were cheaper to manufacture and there was not a huge demand for the far superior mechanical types.

    However popular gaming has seen a resurgence of mechanical keyboards, with all the top brands having mechanical models. Their usage has extended beyond gaming and to office use as well as the range of usage types (typing, gaming, casual, office) have been marketed well. Though they don’t come cheap, people are also becoming aware of their lifespan and quality.

    Interest in mechanical keyboards is definitely increasing, thanks to great marketing, superior product quality, lifespan, as well as bragging-rights. Here are the best to target.

    Ducky Channel

    Ducky is one of the brands that only manufactures mechanical keyboards, high quality stylish ones at that. They have great yearly showings at CES & Computex in Taiwan – where they are based – and this has given them worldwide recognition in the world of keyboard manufacturing.

    Malaysians are not strangers to the scene, and there is significant demand for these types of keyboards as well as the whole range of Ducky products, especially this little fella which is popular for office & travel use. I recommend both the Mini as well as the Shine 5 to begin selling on your eCommerce stores.

    14. Ducky Shine 5

    Ducky Shine 5 image

    The Shine 5 is the latest in the line of Shine keyboard line, so there no debate here. There’s no point in going for the older models as they are out of production even if there may be lingering demand for those models.

    Shine 5 adwords results

    15. Ducky Mini

    Ducky Shine 5 image

    The Mini is definitely a niche product, a compact keyboard that can be easily used on the go. That said there is a wider demand for it than one would expect. I know several people who use it as their primary office keyboards, never letting them see the light of day, so it probably also serves a space saving need, doing it with style while also maintaining the functionality of a full keyboard.

    Mini adwords results

    You can contact the distributor here, and rejoice for they also offer drop-shipping!

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!

    16. Blackwidow Chroma

    Blackwidow chroma image

    Following the popularity of the Deathadder Chroma mouse mentioned elsewhere in this post, Razer then went on to release their signature mechanical keyboard, updated with- you guessed it- Chroma lighting!

    Also an affordable and stylish design, the Blackwidow upgrade is enjoying similar popularity amongst PC users:

    There is a greater demand for the Blackwidow Chroma compared to the other keyboards featured here, and that is largely down to the Razer brand itself, which has a significant worldwide following.

    Blackwidow Chroma adwords results

    Get your supply from Ban Leong Technologies.

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!



    Zotac is an nVidia graphic processing unit (GPU) manufacturer based in Macau, recently coming into the spotlight with the most affordable mid range options, and VERY fancy high-tech high end models that have been receiving favourable reviews. The brand has been inching towards brand recognition in Malaysia to join the likes of Gigabyte, ASUS & MSI.

    Consider that PC video gamers are a huge market in Malaysia, that graphic cards power more than just video games (visual design, CAD, server farms) and this is a very safe bet, even more so since the distributor Cyntrix Tech also offers drop-shipping for online merchants!

    The models to market will be the GTX 970 & GTX 960 as these are the low-mid range options that cost from RM600 – RM1,500. Although with drop-shipping involved you can and probably should choose to sell the highest end models, just don’t expect daily demand for them since they cost anywhere from RM3,500 – RM5,000.

    17. GTX 960

    Zotac GTX 960 image

    The GTX 960 is by far the the more accessible of the two options due its is entry level pricing. You’ll notice that the search volumes per month are pretty consistent but it does have a higher commercial intent price tag than most, which is to be expected given the nature of computer hardware.

    Zotac GTX 960 adwords results

    Still, if you were to advertise according to these numbers, assuming only 2% conversion rate and 5% click-through rate, that’s an advertising cost <RM10 for two sales worth >RM1200! Time to get on it then.

    18. GTX 970

    Zotac GTX 970 image

    A step up from the previous GPU is the GTX 970, thus a logical product to include in your store.

    Zotac GTX 970 adwords results

    Conversely, the 970 has nearly double the search volume for a much lower advertising cost. This tells me that either A) the searches are more about information gathering rather than buying, but possibly B) there aren’t many other vendors ready to advertise the product. Once again with drop-shipping this isn’t an issue.

    *Keep in mind that all the information included here is brand specific – ZOTAC. A search conducted for merely GTX 960/GTX 970 would yield results where the volume would be in the thousands, without significant increase to cost. So we are presented with the opportunity of targeting shoppers who are not looking for any particular brand and offering them this option right off the bat.*

    The volume of average monthly volume is slightly lower than most of the other products featured in this list, but the upside is that getting the right message in front of the right people will ensure high conversion rates, and being on the bandwagon early on will eliminate the need to penetrate market saturation from the big name competitors mentioned above. There usually is no right time to market to the graphics card niche as there is consistent demand all year round.

    Get in touch with the folks at Cyntrix Tech for product sourcing.

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!


    19. Phanteks Enthoo Pro

    Enthoo Pro Black Casing

    Designed in the Netherlands & manufactured in China, Phanteks is becoming rather well-known in the PC casing market for their quality products as well as stylish designs.

    The Enthoo Pro is not as cheap as other available options but it doesn’t aim to be. What it offers is style, customization and durability to sort of an exclusive club of PC users who want to splash the cash on something that will be more than just a workhorse.

    As you can see interest for the Enthoo Pro has grown very high, though I’m certain most physical retailers haven’t even caught on to this gem. It remains something of a secret, one I’m sure the brand wishes to change with all haste. Sell these and you’ll be riding a wave that for the time being is without any opposing force to speak of, there is no foreseeable push-back, and people are always going to NEED computer casings.

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro adwords results

    As the brand recognition grows, so will the demand. It’d be better to be on that wave rather than chasing it. Get your supply HERE.

    Start your own online PC store! Get Started We will support you!

    Bluetooth Speaker

    Gone are the days when Bluetooth was synonymous with clunky, awful-quality hands-free sets. Nowadays Bluetooth speakers are kind of the rage. Think about how many people enjoy good quality audio, but aren’t audiophiles per-se. Heck – even audiophiles would enjoy these speakers! They receive audio transmissions with the kind of clarity you’d expect from high end systems.

    Being a somewhat new niche product category, the majority of shoppers haven’t fixated on a particular brand or model just yet. This is great! Look at the interest over time and you’ve got a world of opportunity here. I’ve singled out the two most promising ones in terms of both interest, as well as the product specs themselves.

    20. Jabra Solemate Mini

    Solemate Mini image

    Comparatively the volume isn’t much to shout about, though this is a popular brand amongst those in the know, and the Solemate Mini is actually hugely popular in Europe and Australia.

    Luckily there is a big enough following of the brand here in Malaysia, and though consumers have yet to make the link from “Bluetooth speaker” to “Jabra Solemate” (or any other popular BT speaker product for that matter), it is happening and once it is in full swing this will be one of the go-to products.

    Jabra Solemate mini adwords results

    Notice the increase in monthly search volume leading up to April 2016. It appears that the foundation has been laid, eCommerce merchants could be the ones to make it explode.

    Get hold of the local Malaysian distributor HERE

    Want to start your online audio store? Get Started We will support you!

    21. JBL Flip 3

    JBL Flip 3 image

    JBLs latest model Flip model – the 3 – is sure to be a consumer favourite. From a consumer perspective I think they’ve hit the nail on the head when designing it: compared to other JBL BT speakers, this one has more than two colour options, something consumers love (just ask PSVita, Lego, and rainbows).

    JBL Flip 3 adwords results

    JBL is actually widely supported in Malaysia, but being part of the upcoming niche, the BT speaker range hasn’t quite taken off yet. Still, there’s a killing waiting to be made here, so go ahead and contact the distributor for more information.

    Want to start your online audio store? Get Started We will support you!


    22. DJI Phantom 4

    Phantom 4 image

    These marvelous creatures don’t come cheap. Consumer-wise, probably only the highest level enthusiasts would shell out for one of these drones, but as a professional tool DJI (not to be confused with Dow Jones Index) manufactures the worlds best drones for a variety of industries, including filmmaking & photography, agriculture and conservation. Regardless, there is increasing interest in the Phantom 4, as well as the ever-important commercial intent.

    If we take into account the fact that people are still searching for DJI Phantom in general, there is actually a significant amount of traffic heading towards the Phantom 4, especially considering the Phantom itself is no longer in production, and the Phantom 4 is actively being marketed in it’s stead.

    DJI Phantom 4 adwords results

    You may obtain stock from March Equipment Store.

    Want to start selling drones online? Join Us We will support you!


    23. Nuna Leaf

    Short of a “Children of Men” scenario, baby products are always going to be in demand as the human race continues to propagate its existence. The product that stands out among the crowd in the evergreen baby product niche is this little leaf shaped baby swayer.

    Nuna is a Dutch brand whose products are being imported to Malaysia, with emphasis on high safety standards. The price tag on their range of products – from carriers to push-carts strollers – is higher than the Malaysian market has been accustomed to. Yet in the digital age this is a trend that is changing, as more parents are looking for products for their children that conforms to rigorous safety standards.

    The Leaf is also quite unique in the local market, drawing quite a bit of attention from consumers. It is one of the few non-battery operated options available, and the marketing which focuses on this heavily, has shown to be on point.

    This presents an up-sell opportunity with the Leaf wind which is an electrical accessory for the Leaf to continuously automate the baby swaying process. It’s all brilliant!

    Leaf wind device

    Nuna Leaf adwords results

    You can see the demand is clearly there, so get on it by sourcing some Leafs for your store: Nuna Malaysia Distributor

    Wo start your own baby product store? Join Us We will support you!


    Catrice Cosmetics

    I’m including the brand itself because it has only recently been growing in popularity, so there isn’t much information to go on which the best products to stock are, or even where to source them.

    Catrice adwords results

    I know is that there is significant demand for the brand with low competition and cheap advertising costs.

    If you have information on where to get supply for their products in Malaysia do share it. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the help.

    I hope this list has provided you with a couple of new lucrative products to sell online this year. As always, thanks for reading our eCommerce blog.

    Do you have insights about eCommerce products? Share it with us in the comments section!

    If you found this post useful or know someone who might, consider sharing it!

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eCommerce Solutions: Drive Sales By Appealing To Different Shoppers

How we shop

Men & women shop very differently. Women browse more & compare products meticulously, whereas men are more likely to simply rush along single-mindedly hoping not to get distracted from the original purpose of having ventured into a marketplace. An eCommerce shop then, should cater to the differences that abound among shoppers.


Money in Tweets? 80 Percent Use Twitter For Online Businesses

There was a survey recently that highlights something that may be a little surprising: the real reason people use Twitter is for business, rather than social purposes. For some time now, many online marketers have been pushing the use of Twitter for business. More than eight in 10 people tweet for business. If 80 percent of people are using Twitter to increase brand awareness and their bottom line, then businesses that have yet to embrace tweeting are falling behind their competition, and potentially losing out on possible revenue as well.

Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters. Twitter messages are usually public, and Twitter is a recipient-driven information network, so you decide what sort of messages you want to receive. You can also receive Twitter messages, or tweets, equally well from your desktop or your mobile phone.

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