eCommerce Feature: Setup Facebook Social Store With InstanteStore

Facebook Store Galore

We’ve seen many online retail stores profit greatly from having social network linked shops. Selling products on Facebook has proven to be a very effective method to increase sales. Every eCommerce website builder should come with at least Facebook store integration.

To be clear, there are even merchants who work right out of Facebook, with no other platforms/shopping cart software, because it works! Why else would Facebook have such powerful advertising and targeting options?

In fact, Facebook has now moved towards an Ad-Centric model over organic growth. They know that they have the largest active user-base, and they know they have the targeting capabilities for merchants to make successful ad campaigns. However, that goes deep into a topic we shall save for a later time.

Today, we’re going to focus on setting up our Facebook store via the InstanteStore shopping cart software. It’s a fully integrated solution, and it’s actually very simple to setup. This won’t take very long at all- hopefully everyone has explored the merchant UI completely, and are somewhat familiar with all the features available and their locations within the UI.

We start by expanding the Discounts & Specials tab, and under SPECIALS, we choose the last option:

Facebook Shop Panel

That will bring us to the Facebook social shop feature page:


From this page we can start adding products to the Facebook shop either by entering the Product ID, the Manufacturer Number, or the Product Name.

Another option is to click the InstanteStore Social Shop link to go directly to Facebook and setup the product listing there.

By clicking the link, we are taken to the social shop login directory on Facebook, where we are requested to login via our  Store Domain OR our Merchant ID:

InstanteStore Social Shop Login

Integrate the social store app with your stores Facebook page:

InstanteStore Add To Page

InstanteStore Social Shop Integration

Once the app has been added to the relevant page, we can then start populating the store with our products. The InstanteStore apps makes it simple enough to add items by choosing the Auto-Populate option.

If preferred, it is of course possible to manually import products from the merchant dashboard by selecting the appropriate categories:

InstanteStore Social Shop

Select the checkout type and we’re done!

*a note about checkout types: research has consistently shown that longer checkout procedures have increase drop-off rate. Keep this in mind, as in most cases, Facebook shoppers will want to be able to checkout on Facebook, and not have to take the extra step to go to an external site to checkout. Simplicity for the shopper = increased sales  

That’s all it takes! Simple right?

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