Your InstanteStore Bandwidth: A Complete Explanation

After we launched the Bandwidth Meter on your InstanteStore Control Panel, we had quite a number of merchants contact us with various questions about it. So, we’ve created a short video (13 mins 19 secs) that explains the important points…

  1. What Is Bandwidth?
  2. How We Measure Your Bandwidth
  3. How To Minimize Your Bandwidth Usage
  4. FAQ1: What Happens If My Store Is Over The Bandwidth Limit?
  5. FAQ2: Why Is My Store Using So Much Bandwidth?
  6. FAQ3: XXX Host Is Giving 100GB/month, Why Only 4GB/month?!?
  7. FAQ4: I Sell Large Downloadable Files. How Can You Help?
  8. FAQ5: How Many Times Can I Change My Bandwidth Plan?

Just click above to watch the video. Remember, if you have any questions, post them as comments below. We’ll get your questions answered.


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