Make An Interesting Video With These Tips

Online video marketing is a great tool to boost sales. Video marketing on the Internet effects have so far been positive. The success of Internet marketing companies in increasing client sales via video marketing has been well documented. But this does not mean that your conversion rate will automatically increase tenfold just by uploading a video or two. An effective marketing video does not have to be costly to produce but it does take a bit of skill and effort to create one that will garner the response you desire.

Many small business merchants produce their own videos and have done pretty well. You can too.

To help you out, here are 6 simple video marketing tips for websites that you can follow…


Naturally, you’ll need a video camera and probably a better-than-average microphone for the voice-over. To reduce sibilance from the pronunciation of fricatives – the ‘sh’ or ‘sss’ sound – try positioning the mike differently. You can also reduce sibilance via software. Open the wave editor, locate and then reduce the problem frequency by 1dB. This function is sometimes known as the ‘de-esser’ on some wave editors.

To avoid aspirated and plosives voices (palpable puff of air upon release in words like ‘spy’) that might lead to clipping, use a pop filter. You can actually make a pop filter using old stockings and a length of wire.

Software-wise, you can use free movie editors such as Movie Maker, iMovie, Jump Cut, Virtual Dub, Wax, Swei-Stein, Jahshaka, Avid FreeDV and HyperEngine-AV.

Keep It Short

The attention span of the average Internet user can be measured in mere seconds. So you need to keep your videos short and to the point – preferably under 2 minutes. This seems like a very short amount of time but people have made successful Apple Apps sales videos that are 30 seconds long or even shorter. It is important to let viewers know how long your video is right at the beginning, e.g. “Learn the secrets to looking younger with this 60 second video”.


In order to squeeze everything within a limited time frame, keep the pace fast and lively from the get go but don’t overdo it. This will help create an exciting atmosphere so as not to bore viewers. You can also use music with a fast beat to help dictate the pace. Make sure the music does not draw too much attention away from the point of your video, though.

Sound And Visuals

Try to make the video as dynamic as possible by making full use of sound and visual elements. Use an appropriate voice-over for narration. Graphics should be consistent and tasteful throughout the video. Narration and visuals (graphics, text, formatting) should sync perfectly to help drive home your point. Again, make sure that these elements help emphasize the point you are trying to make rather than draw attention away from it.


Make sure the point of the video is expressed at the beginning as well as reiterated at the end of the video. Be sure to include the features as well as the benefits of any product or service you are trying to promote. Include calls to action at appropriate points during the video and one at the end too. This helps make the video more interactive. You can also include a call to action link in the video description, if possible.

Optimize And Disseminate It

There’s not much point in uploading your video to just your web page. You should leverage on all the free video sharing sites and other relevant sites which allow you to post written content as well as upload videos. It is also important to optimize your video for search engines. Make sure you include keywords in the title, description and tags.

Have you tried video marketing before? Do share you experiences with us.

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