Make It Easier For Visitors to Shop At Your Store – 3 Quick Tips

Many web stores get loads of traffic but traffic alone will not make merchants money. Sites need to convert visitors into customers for that to happen. We have blogged about the need to make pages as sticky as possible in earlier posts. We have also briefly gone over the use of tools such as newsletters and discount coupons to entice customers. We have even talked about tapping the aborted orders list to improve sales.

In this posting, we will look at how you can make it easier for customers to shop at your stores via online shopping cart checkout website design, the use of appropriate information and page designs.

The Basics

Basically a customer will shop at your store if they find that the price is right, the site is secure and provides a nice shopping environment. Let’s say you’ve got the first two points covered. How then will you ensure that your store’s “environment” is conducive for shopping?

Customer Focused Designs

An online store has its advantages and disadvantages compared with offline stores. The business online advantages disadvantages have been covered in previous postings. In a nutshell, the design dynamics of a web store have to be geared to replace the role of a good sales assistant while ensuring that the environment (theme, colors, look-and-feel) is aligned with the store’s target market and the products being sold. That said, there is no definite design that will ensure overflowing sales orders, just guidelines to help you get the best results. That’s why it’s a good idea to run A/B split tests to determine which design works better before making a final decision on which design to go with.

Handy Information

Readily available timely, accurate and useful information is a boon to any web store. If a potential customer can get all the information they need without having to navigate away from the current page, all the better. The information doesn’t have to be exhaustive. It could be in point/bullet form: you just need to provide enough to fulfill a visitor’s queries.

For example, a visitor looking for kids bedding would want to know, apart from the price, the size or dimensions involved, the material used as well as care information about the product. You can also accompany these features with descriptions of benefits. For example, “This quilt is made from antimicrobial fiber which is hypoallergenic and dries fast.”‘

EasyCheckout And Mini Cart

Online shopping cart checkout website design is another element that can make it easier for shoppers to shop at your store. InstanteStore’s one-page EasyCheckout is a great feature for customers who don’t like going through a few pages just to make a purchase. They want everything done on a single page, and what the customer wants, the customer usually gets. The EasyCheckout feature helps reduce cart abandonment by making the checkout process simple and clear. From a merchant’s point of view, the most important thing is that a sale is made.

The mini cart is a cool online shopping cart checkout website design feature and is perfect for customers who like to roam around a site while keeping tabs of what they have in their cart, allowing them to check out anytime, on any page. Merchants can place the cart on the left or right borders of their store template via html shopping cart code. This html shopping cart code is generated at the Mini Cart Generator page in the Useful Tools section of your InstanteStore administrator control panel.

No one design feature will ensure good conversion rates or continued sales. It’s important that you make full use of all available tools to make your store as attractive and easy to navigate and shop at as possible.

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