New InstanteStore Mobile App With Mobile Optimized Responsive Layout

InstanteStore Mobile App

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season celebrating with family and friends. We’ve launched our brand new InstanteStore mobile app which lets you manage your store conveniently on your mobile.

First, your store will look awesome with our new mobile optimized responsive layout. Visitors can view your products in portrait or landscape mode which shows the simplified look of your store. This is what it’ll look like on your mobile.

Mobile StorePortrait Category

Landscape Mode

Second, to use our brand new mobile app, please download it from the App Store or Google Play by searching for InstanteStore. Once you have the app installed on your mobile, just login with your store details.

The Dashboard shows a summary of your store which includes total revenue for the day, number of visitors, orders and even products that are low in stock along with any orders that are still open pending processing from your end. Swiping the screen to the left can show you the store’s summary up to 90 days. You’ll also be able to have a quick glance on which products are low in stock.

Dashboard Product Low Stock

We’ve also made adding products simple and fast. Add a product image by taking a picture or upload it from your mobile phone direct. Just add in the name, price, description, select whether it’s taxable or to charge shipping (if yes, just pop in the weight) and place it in the category of your choice. That’s it! Click Publish and the changes will reflect in your store.

Click on Order to see who’s made a purchase at your store. Tap on the customer name and it’ll show you their shipping and billing address along with the product that they’ve ordered. You can straight away mark the order as complete or Update Order Tracking (Order Status, Shipping Method and Tracking Number).

Customer OrdersNew Order

Pretty neat huh? Here’s a short video about our new mobile optimized responsive layout so you can see how cool it is :

Have fun trying out our new mobile app and let us know what you think about it.


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