Drop Shippers: Selection Criteria Revealed

Drop shippers are a useful bunch. There are many positives that come along with using reliable drop shippers. This is especially true for new merchants who lack the space (and money) to store products and the manpower to handle packing and shipping arrangements. Some more established ecommerce web hosting shopping cart names already provide integration with at least one drop shipper. Multi vendor shopping cart integration is rare, though. One important thing to be aware of though, is that the shopping cart cost is usually separate from the fees for the drop shipping service.

There are a few things you should consider before choosing a drop shipper. These concerns should be addressed early in order to avoid problems later…


With InstanteStore’s Doba Integration, Running Multiple Web Stores Is A Cinch

InstanteStore‘s integration with Doba – a  popular product sourcing portal – has made it possible for merchants to run not just one, but multiple stores with ease.

Merchants no longer need to purchase products in bulk from traditional suppliers or B2B markets. Storage is no longer an issue, its the same with shipping. Merchants can finally turn their storerooms back into their dens.

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