With InstanteStore’s Doba Integration, Running Multiple Web Stores Is A Cinch

InstanteStore‘s integration with Doba – a  popular product sourcing portal – has made it possible for merchants to run not just one, but multiple stores with ease.

Merchants no longer need to purchase products in bulk from traditional suppliers or B2B markets. Storage is no longer an issue, its the same with shipping. Merchants can finally turn their storerooms back into their dens.

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In terms of product variety, the InstanteStore-Doba integration affords merchants a product pool of 1.2 million items in various categories from about 200 suppliers. Once a customer makes an order and the order is approved, drop shippers take care of delivery duties. All these means no idle stock, no storage cost, automatic stock updates and no shipment handling. “Is there anything left for a merchant to do? “, you might ask. Well of course there is, albeit not much.

With the InstanteStore-Doba integration, once a store has been properly set up, merchants only need to spend about an hour or two a day replying customer queries, approving orders, marketing the store and keeping abreast with the latest products. That leaves lots of time for family, golf and perhaps another store…or two.

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