Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Service – Music And Such

Many merchants are selling downloadable content these days. Downloadable products would include music, videos, software and ebooks. Needless to say, InstanteStore’s ecommerce shopping cart software service can accommodate such products.

Pros And Cons

There are pros and cons to selling downloadable products as opposed to tangible products. On the bright side, these products do not necessitate large physical storage space. Also, they do not require any shipping and packing, which would mean no more shipping related issues like lost items, delayed shipment, items damaged during delivery and wrong quantity being shipped. Customers can also download their purchases pretty much immediately after completing payment, which adds to customer satisfaction.

On the downside, these products do use up a bit of bandwidth especially when it comes to videos. But the pros very obviously out weigh the cons.


Make It Easier For Visitors to Shop At Your Store – 3 Quick Tips

Many web stores get loads of traffic but traffic alone will not make merchants money. Sites need to convert visitors into customers for that to happen. We have blogged about the need to make pages as sticky as possible in earlier posts. We have also briefly gone over the use of tools such as newsletters and discount coupons to entice customers. We have even talked about tapping the aborted orders list to improve sales.

In this posting, we will look at how you can make it easier for customers to shop at your stores via online shopping cart checkout website design, the use of appropriate information and page designs.