Want More Word Of Mouth Referrals To Your Online Store?

It is easy to build a rapport with customers or visitors at a conventional store. A store manager can cordially go around chatting with customers while subtly finding out information like how a customer thinks the store can be improved, gather feedback on store campaigns  and other suggestions. Engaging customers in this manner gives a store a warmer, more welcoming feel and does wonders for customer retention as well as word-of-mouth marketing.

As you can imagine, the playing field is totally different at a web store. How do you engage your online visitors to increase your customer retention online?

The answer may be simpler than you thought… (more…)

Elevate Your Web Store Profits – Select The “Right” Ecommerce Template

If you carry out a Net search for designer spectacles, how much time do you figure you might spend searching? Just like many other internet shoppers, we would likely be prepared to browse a few web pages but may only be inclined to spend a few seconds on each page.

The truth is, a landing page has only 10 to 15 seconds to draw a visitor’s attention before the store visitor is lost forever. Love it or hate it, this is the frenetic pace most of us live with these days. Hence, it is important to design your landing page to be as “sticky” as possible.

The most basic tool a site should have is the right ecommerce template. There are practically thousands of ecommerce templates out there and some are even provided free as part of a shopping cart software package. But ecommerce templates alone may not be sufficient — they need to work in synergy with other contributing components.

In an effort to help you obtain the best out of your ecommerce template, here are 3 very useful smart tips. Click to read on… (more…)

Tips That Work – Use Colors To Create ‘Sticky’ Landing Pages

Congratulations! You’ve managed to get visitors to your store. But what’s next?

Obviously,  getting them to buy something would be at the top of the list but there are many factors that need to be put into play before this can happen.

First impressions are important; a typical site visitor has a ‘fickle’ mindset and will decide if a site is worth his time in less than 10 seconds. If a visitor is turned off by a certain component of the landing page, the color for example, then the next course of action for the visitor would be hitting the ‘x’ button at the top right hand corner of the page. So roughly it would take less than a second to lose a potential customer.

So what do colors have to do with the “stickiness” of a site? Keep reading to find out… (more…)