Simple Shopping Cart Mistakes To Avoid

At InstanteStore, we try to keep things simple for our merchants so they can concentrate more on the marketing aspects of their store. A simple shopping cart not only saves time, but helps improves productivity as well. However there is only so much a simple shopping cart can do to help merchants improve their bottom line.

The following are a few free online shopping cart tips to help merchants get the best out of their site.


Website Shopping Cart SEO Don’ts

We spend lots of time researching keywords and building links to our website shopping cart pages. The more inbound links and related outbound links we have, the better it is for our site in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It does not take a genius to create a link which leads back to a website shopping cart page. However, it does require a lot of effort to continue creating fresh links. With this in mind it is always important to create links wisely. This means selecting the right keywords and choosing the best sites to place those links at.

Unfortunately, many merchants have been doing something that is ethically wrong in relation to keyword selection. In addition to this, they have no idea that their actions can be detrimental to their sites, SEO-wise.


Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Tips For Merchants

There are a lot of stores out there which offer products at really low prices. Some are so low they border on the ridiculous. These low prices, although attractive, can have a detrimental effect on how visitors perceive a store. If you have a store which boasts very low prices, we’ve got a few ecommerce solution shopping cart software tips for you to counter any negative notions visitors might have of your store.


Best Free Shopping Cart Software Tip – Use Videos

Admittedly, videos may not be appropriate for all online stores but many stores can benefit a great deal from it. Apparel stores especially, can make use of one of the best free shopping cart software tools available.


Before going out and make a video for your ecommerce solution shopping cart software powered store, we suggest you pay a little visit to Youtube. Check out some of the many product videos and note the ones that immediately get your attention and, more importantly, tempt you into buying the product.


Useful Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Facebook Tip

So you have your Facebook page up and running. What next? How do you use it to promote your products or brand?

In this post, we will look at some examples of what the big names have done. We will explore a simple ecommerce solution shopping cart software Facebook tip. However, please take note that the strategies of big-name companies may not be suitable for your business so you may have to tweak this tip if you want to apply it to your business model. As always, we hope these examples will help inspire you to think out of the box and perhaps formulate an idea of your own and maybe inspire others in the process.


Can Viral Marketing Work For You?

Viral marketing, just like any type of online marketing campaign, aims to drive as much traffic to a site as possible. It actually leverages on the numbers game: the more traffic that ends up at your site, the higher the possible number of conversions.

Of course a viral marketing campaign has to work hand-in-hand with other aspects of the page in order to convert visitors. Read more about that here.

But what actually is viral marketing and how can you formulate a campaign yourself to help drive traffic to your store?


What Should You Sell Online? Here Are 3 Clever Tips.

Before you decide to get a web hosting shopping cart merchant account and sign up for a storefront shopping cart service, you must first decide what to sell.

But what should you sell? A quick search of best-selling items on the net will tell you that books, airline tickets, CDs and DVDs have been some of the best-selling items for years. A little more research will also tell you that there’s no point going down that road as certain established names have already got those products completely covered.

So best-selling items aren’t necessarily the best items to sell. What then are the factors that one needs to consider before deciding on what to sell? Read on to find out… (more…)