Useful Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Facebook Tip

So you have your Facebook page up and running. What next? How do you use it to promote your products or brand?

In this post, we will look at some examples of what the big names have done. We will explore a simple ecommerce solution shopping cart software Facebook tip. However, please take note that the strategies of big-name companies may not be suitable for your business so you may have to tweak this tip if you want to apply it to your business model. As always, we hope these examples will help inspire you to think out of the box and perhaps formulate an idea of your own and maybe inspire others in the process.

They say some of the best free shopping cart software tips are the simplest. The ecommerce solution shopping cart software Facebook tip we will be looking at has to do with promotions. This particular example is great for merchants who have physical stores or a chain of physical stores. If you do not have a physical store, do not worry. Just tweak this simple shopping cart idea slightly to suit your web store; more on that later.

Last year, a famous chain of coffee outlets used Facebook to great effect during their promotion campaigns.

They got their page visitors to print out redemption coupons for free pastry with every purchase of a beverage within a certain time frame on a particular date. This resulted in an extraordinary spike in their page visits as visitors kept sharing the page link with their friends.

If you do not have a physical store, you could still spread a discount coupon code in this manner. You could also use Twitter for this purpose. However, this method is best used for short-term or limited promotions in order to create a feeling of urgency. This “rush” helps get the word out faster and creates the urge to buy on impulse. This method hinges on the psychological leaning that people are more likely to buy if they feel that it is an opportunity not to be missed or one that will not come around again in the near future.

That said, you can’t just keep dishing out promotions on your page. You need to space promotions out a little. Keep your visitors interested by posting interesting updates, reviews or related articles regarding your store and products. You can even use activities to improve your customers’ perception of your brand. For example, organizing environmental or charitable activities, and then posting pictures and articles of these activities on your page. Companies have been doing this for years in order to improve their public image.

We hope that you will put this ecommerce solution shopping cart software tip to good use. It has worked wonders for many merchants and it may work for you as well. We would suggest that you have everything planned out for the year before you go ahead with this so that everything will be in sync with what is happening at your store. Ultimately, all of these efforts should lead to better sales.

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