What Makes An Ecommerce Site Secure?

The success of online stores owes as much to using a secure online shopping cart solution as it does to marketing and SEO efforts. There are many unscrupulous characters out there who are bent on making money through illegal means, more specifically through identity theft via the Internet.

Therefore, it is imperative that when looking for an online shopping cart software solution, you choose one that places paramount importance on security. Online shopping cart software packages from top online shopping cart software solution providers like InstanteStore come packed with the latest security features to give merchants as well as their customers peace of mind.

A safe ecommerce site needs quite a number of security features to keep it that way. Listed below are just some of the precautions and features that are employed by InstanteStore to maintain the integrity of its services.

PCI Compliance Scan

PCI (Payment Cards Industry) Compliance Scan is a requirement put into place by major credit card companies. To comply with this requirement, InstanteStore has teamed up with McAfee Secure to offer free PCI compliance scans for its clients.

Full HTTPS/SSL Support

The payment page is where credit card details are entered. With this in mind, InstanteStore ensures that all payment pages are fully encrypted with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection to keep sensitive details encrypted.

Secure Access

Merchants and their customers can further be at ease when logging into their accounts as administrator login pages are password-protected and come complete with SSL encryption. Furthermore, security is further enhanced with the addition of captchas and security questions in the event of repeated login failure.

Advanced Payment Fraud Prevention

Merchants can enable this particular feature at the Feature Activation page to limit the number of unsuccessful payment attempts. This deters individuals from making repeated fraudulent attempts.

These are just some of the security features a top online shopping cart software solution should have in order to assure that merchants can concentrate on making more sales and thus, more money.

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