Shopping Cart Software Review Of Popular Features

As you may well know, the InstanteStore solution is packed with some really nifty features. In this article, we will do a quick shopping cart software review of some of the features that prospective merchants usually look out for before making a decision as to which shopping cart to sign up with.

When shopping for anything, it is common practice to always try to get the best deal around. When it comes to shopping carts, the question of what is the best shopping cart software around would definitely arise. Also common is screening through shopping cart software reviews and visiting a couple of ecommerce forums along the way.

However, some of you may have noticed that one shopping cart software review may differ drastically from another in terms of rating criteria for reasons we are not too sure of. When it comes to forums, it seems no shopping cart provider is spared from having at least one bad comment against it. But that is to be expected as no software solution is perfect (though we try!) and choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart solution is also a matter of personal preference and matching business needs to what’s provided.

If you’ve gone through this important process yourself but are still coming up blank, why not just compare a few key features of competing software providers before making up your mind. Here are some of the usual key features…


You’re probably here because you’ve already done your research and know that InstanteStore’s shopping cart is priced quite competitively. Price is definitely a key feature newbie merchants look out for especially if they are on a tight budget. We understand that it takes about a year, on average, before a store can sustain itself comfortably, and this understanding is clearly reflected in our “best value” pricing.

Ease Of Use

For anyone who’s new to the ecommerce scene, having a solution that is easy to use and able to do most of the work is definitely welcome. Let’s face it, even if a merchant knows programming, it would still take a lot of time and effort to modify and update a program manually. It’s much more productive to concentrate on marketing your store and products. After all, that’s what ecommerce is all about.

It’s also a bonus that a store can be up and running in not time at all with InstanteStore, thanks to the availability of FREE templates, ready-to-go integration with numerous payment gateways and even built-in integration with a drop shipping supplier for those merchants who are really starting from the ground up.

Customer Support

This is the deal-breaker for many merchants. Although we have a well-prepared knowledge base that our clients can refer to for help and information, with our solution, merchants know that can rely on actual people to help them out if they need guidance or have any questions. This is a great assurance to have.

Free Trial

Never end your shopping cart software review before signing up for a FREE trial. This is the best way to find out if a solution is for you. You can test all the features and claims and see for yourself if they hold water. Mind you, with InstanteStore, customer support is available, right from the trial version onwards.

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