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Case Studies

These are a collection of case studies from actual InstanteStore merchants

About An Extraodinarily Ambitious Designer & Her Ambitious Daughter

Sagiri Dayal is a jewellery designer based in Hong Kong.

She specialises in Jade and Chinese Knotting, combining these elements with traditiona lIndian jewellery from her heritage.

She’s been holding shows all around the world - Hong Kong, London, New Delhi & New York, showcasing her jewellery pieces. Though the road shows were very successful, she found it hard to reach out to her customers and updating them whenever she had a new line out.

So, last year, together with her daughter, Keya, she decided to take the leap and bring her business online. It was a very daunting move for her as she’s not particularly tech savvy.

Challenges Faced

Limited Reach - Audience restricted to the locations if the road shows.

Limited Customer Engagement - Limited opportunities for continuos engagement with customers after road shows.

Lack of Analytics - Gathering customer data and insights for targeted marketing can be challenging in an offline setting making it difficult to analyze customer preferences and tailor products or marketing strategies accordingly.

Lack Technical Know-How - Client is an artisan/designer and is anxious when it comes to technology.

Payment Challenges - Accepting only cash payments for designer pieces may limit sales as some custoers prefer digital payments.

Why InstanteStore?

InstanteStore is a Point & Click ecommerce platform that allows you to quicly and easily set up your store. It comes with pre-designed customizable templates which makes it very easy to costomize the look of your store. It is packes with features which allows you to market your store hassle free.

And our team is here to guide youeverystep of the way and alleviate any anxieties about starting up an online store.

For Sagiri Dayal Jewellery, they had a pre-launch sign up which allows early birds to have first dips & extra 10% off for the 2 days prior to the official date.

Click here to watch Sagiri-Dayal herself and her daughter Keya share their experience with InstanteStore.


Newsletter module - Allowed client to easily reachout to early bird sign-ups during pre-launch.

Automatic discount - Pre-set automatic discount to be applied only for the pre-launch dates.

Integrated payment - Quick & easy online payment option for the customer to pay with.

Download keys - Allows client to sell Gift Certs on their store where customers can easily download them after purchasing.

Implementation Process

Design & Development

Discuss with client on look and feel of website.

Design mock up of website.

Start development upon approval.

Store Setup

Products, Shipping & Payment setup.

Tech training via video tutorial for products upload.

Customize email templates.

Testing & Deployment

Conduct thorough testing.

Address and fix any issues with the website.

Website launch and Zoom online handover training.

Results & Outcomes

Pre-launch + Launch Date Sales

170 subscribers, with 43% Open rate & 28% Click Though rate which led to steady sales as soon as the store was launched.


"Last year I decided to start an online business as I was introduced to Charles and Sui Sim and it was the most wonderful thing that could have happened! I was really nervous as we had a tight launch date but they held my hand and made it happen. They were also very responsive and just alleviated all my fears."

"Up until last year, we have only been selling jewellery at in person shows around the world. In 2023, we had ambitious plans to build an online website. Initially we thought we would go with a large online platform such as Shopify but then we got introduced to the InstanteStore platform. I'm really happy we went with IES. It has gone off completely flawlessly! During the launch, people were just buying off our site without a hitch. Even for ourselves, the backend was so easy to navigate."

Click here to watch Sagiri-Dayal herself and her daughter Keya share their experience with InstanteStore.

This Merchant Sold Over $35 Million Worth Of Products By Doing 1 Thing

Anytime Coffee (formerly CV Coffee) has been serving the Metro Atlanta, GA market for over 20 years and bagan as a traditional coffee / vending service. They firmly believe in relationships, which is why they require no contracts. They manage their own fleet of trucks, and use local resources and suppliers as often as possible to support their community. They take very good care of their people who in turn would take good care of their clients.

As Anytime Coffee grew over the years, one this never changed - their desire to keep improving.

They've always chosen functionality over aesthetics and this has worked out well in their favour.

The Challenge

To Make It Easier For Customers To Make Repeat Orders

Anytime Coffee has a litany of corporate clients who purchase a variety of items, often more than 10 items with different quantities within a single order. The challenge Preston faced was finding a way to make it easier for his clients to make repeat orders.

The standard process would be for clents to search for products individually, set the required quantity and add the product to cart and repeat the process.

One can be sure the perseon tasked with making the orders would not be looking forward to it.

The Solution

The Rapid Re-Order App

Preston came to us with this conundrum. It was obvious he had put himself in his clients' shoes as he clearly explained the bottleneck in the purchasing process. He needed a way for his clients to effortlessly make repeated orders. Over coming this onstacle would result in more frequent orders.

So we came up with the Rapid Pre-Order App for Preston. When a customer logs in, it displays the list of items the customer usually orders. This will make it so much easier for Anytime Coffee's customers to re-select items which are low in stock, set the order quantity individually before completing the purchase process.

More case studies to come.