A Cloud POS for better business growth,
designed to change the way you sell,

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Interested To Improve Your Business?

Here's where our smart POS can help you grow:

Know what your customers like and offer them similar deals to increase sales.

Easily reach out to your customers using SMS & email during promotions & sales

Increase customer loyalty by offering a loyalty program

Manage stock easily. Shift stock from outlet to outlet like a pro

Real-time stats ensures you know EXACTLY how each outlet is doing and what's selling

Manage & monitor staff performance even when you're not in your store

Check staff performance & attendance easily, wherever you are

Smart recommendations from your POS let you know which products to stock up on and which ones should be discounted to clear your inventory

Fully integrated with optional receipt printer, bar code scanner and cash drawer. Get them all or just use your iPad. You choose...

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Sell Online, On Mobile & In-Store

Now, you can sell to your customers no matter where they're at. You can set your POS to sync stock with your online store or choose to manage your physical store inventory separately.

No matter where your customers buy, all their details are safely stored and tracked to help you market better to your customers.

If I already have an online store, can I still use your POS?

Of course! We can even help you switch over without
breaking a sweat.

That way, BOTH your physical store and online store can
SHARE stock for better inventory management. So you'll
never need to worry about overstocking or running out
of stock!

Do I have to buy a whole POS bundle from you?

No. All you need is an iPad 2 or better. Other hardware is optional. But don't worry. In case you need the whole hardware bundle, we provide that as well.

I have quite a number of staff that's running my physical store. Can your POS help with the staff attendance?

Absolutely! You'll be able to see who clocks in and clocks out.
Plus, manage your "float money" like a pro.

You'll even be able to see who sold what and how much your staff made to
reward them accordingly.

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  • ONE location
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  • Unlimited
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  • Free Online Store for 4 months
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* Price quoted includes license for one iPad. Additional iPad licenses are charged at USD25/iPad/mth