More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day

More than 1 billion+ Instagram accounts worldwide are active every single month, and 90% of them follow a business on Instagram.

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Among these billions are many of YOUR potential customers

We can help you tap into Facebook and Instagram ads to reach your customers by crafting the right messages that are targeted to the right audiences.

How does this work?

Our team will work with you to understand what the products and/or services you’re offering your potential customers, as well as what you hope to achieve. Goals include getting more likes for your FB/Instagram page so that you can increase your marketing reach, promoting a hot product, driving customers to a current sale at your store, or a variety of other objectives.

Once we have your requirements as well as any marketing materials you can provide, we’ll work to create image or video advertisements that will be attractive to your target customers and will be designed to lead them to your desired call to action (visiting your store, adding that promotional product to their shopping cart, etc.). Our designers have experience crafting ads that fit Facebook’s requirements and are able to draw the attention of your potential customers.

We’ll then use our understanding of your target customers to build Audiences that are most likely to respond to the ads that we’ll be placing. These Audiences will be created based on what we know of your existing client base as well as leveraging our experience with similar clients. Once we’ve built a broad and yet specific enough Audience, we’ll start running to ads to be shown to them.

We don’t stop once the ad is run though -- once the ad starts running, we’ll constantly monitor its performance and tweak the ad and the audience if necessary until we get the best possible results for your campaign.

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