The People Behind InstanteStore

What’s really different from one shopping cart solution to another? You’ll find that most solutions have a similar feature set. What sets InstanteStore apart is that we go beyond simply having the right features that you’ll need to succeed: Our philosophy is that we want all of our businesses, large and small, to be successful, and this runs through our entire approach. Our features are all geared towards supporting the 4 pillars of success so that you have the tools you need, and our team is on hand to provide you with the knowledge to make the fullest use of them.

We’re not a large faceless corporation with legions of subcontractor drones who answer your queries with generic replies. When you get in touch with us via phone or our support ticket system or our contact us page or our Facebook page or email, it’s a real person with years of experience in the eCommerce industry who you'll be communicating with. Someone who’s worked with many others just like you and someone who’ll be able to address your questions or issues quickly and expertly.

Our founder and CEO Charles started InstanteStore way back in September 2001 and many members of our core team have been deeply involved in eCommerce for almost that long, so we have a deep pool of experience and knowledge to call upon that we want to share with you.




Sui Sim

Customer Support

Terry O.

Technical Development/Support


Customer Support



Wai Hoong

Technical Development

Lee Fong

Technical Development






Technical Development


Technical Development