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Only $1 Per Transaction!

This is TRULY the one online food order app your restaurant NEEDS to thrive. Affordable, contactless and easy-to-use.

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Businesses are asking themselves these questions
as the MCO comes to and end:

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How will we collect customer information to allow contact tracing ?

What they are facing

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How will we effectively interact with our customers while maintaining social-distancing ?

What they are facing

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How will we adapt our business to the Take-away/Delivery needs of our customers ?

What they are facing

Contactless Menu to help you keep everyone safe with social distancing

  • An online menu that is easy to browse
  • Accept Payment from popular e-wallets (T&G, Boost and GrabPay), Online Banking and Credit Cards
  • Your customers have the option to Takeaway or Dine-in
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Automatically enable contact tracing

When customers order from you, you'll be able to collect their name and number to allow easy contact tracing with our contact tracing app

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Easy setup, low cost online food ordering app

At $1 per transaction, this is an affordable way to sustain your business during the MCO and boost it after it’s lifted. You know it’s easy to use when even an 11 year old has used it successfully.

  • Setup in minutes. It’s faster if you have a Foodpanda or Grabfood menu.
  • Get your own website link to promote your digital menu
  • Accept popular payment methods
  • Super low transaction fee - $1 per order
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MDEC Grant

Check if you qualify for the MDEC SME Digitalisation Grant here.

If you qualify for the grant, you can use it for the GotFood app and other services it covers.

Check here

Prepare your business today!

Get started proofing your business from the effects of the MCO with our online food ordering system

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It's just $1.00 per order, regardless of the order value.
No, we won't be handling the delivery of your orders. The app handles both takeaway orders and delivery. But you will need to deliver it to your customers directly.
Once you have set up an account with us, we will provide you with a URL which you can send out to your customers or include in your ads.
When you sign up for an account, we will request for your credit card details. But rest assured, no charges will be made to your card till orders are placed at your store.
After you have signed up, you can go ahead and download the INSTANTESTORE app just by scanning the QR code provided. When an order is placed, you will be notified via the app.
Again, this can be easily done via the INSTANTESTORE app. Just upload each item on the menu as a product and fill in the details of your dish together with the price.
There's several options available for you. To accept credit card, you can use PayPal or sign up with any of our local providers like iPay88. You can also provide the Send Payment option where you can list down your restaurant's bank details and then get your customers to transfer it to you and lastly there's also COD - payment upon pick up.