InstanteStore Belanjawan On-boarding Training Schedule

For all qualified InstanteStore Belanjawan 2021 Go eCommerce Onboarding program applicants. This mandatory 90-min training session will walk you through getting your store properly setup and ready to sell.

Once you have completed this training session, you will get your Belanjawan 2021 Go-eCommerce Onboarding privileges, including your:

  • Fully subsidized InstanteStore Big Money account for one year
  • Fully subsidized account to tap into FB Live selling
  • Marketplace Dominator module to sell on Shopee & Lazada
  • and much more

Make sure to attend this mandatory training session to claim your rewards.

Date/Time Zoom Link
Thu, 21st Oct @ 3PM Zoom Link
Sat, 23rd Oct @ 10:30AM Zoom Link