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How To Upgrade To The New PayPal Checkout

As a PayPal user, you would have received a few emails from PayPal in 2022 asking you to upgrade to the new PayPal Checkout, touting new features and convenience.

The availability of some of these features (e.g. Venmo, Pay Later) depend on the location of the user. The earlier emails did not mention why you were encouraged to change.

Later emails in early 2023 mentioned the need to change because certain products were being phased out, with a more urgent tone.

"Although we do not have a specific redundancy date, we are currently moving our existing customers using PayPal Standard over to Express Checkout as our standard product is no longer supported."

"This older version is being phased out and will eventually be made redundant. We strongly advise you to upgrade to {PayPal suggested gateway} now before payments will start to fail."

Lagacy PayPal Gateways include PayPal Standard, Express/Pro and Advanced

How To Switch To The New PayPal Integration On InstanteStore

You'll need to login to your store and go to Settings, Payment and click the Add New Payment Method button

Finally, look for PayPal (New) and Select it.

You'll see that you need some information to complete the integration:

These are the stpes in a nutshell:

  • 1. Select Log in to Dashboard and log in or sign up.
  • 2. Select Apps & Credentials.
  • 3. New accounts come with a Default Application in the REST API apps section. To create a new project, select Create App. Name it appropriately. In this case, call it IES Store, so you know this app will be used on your store with InstanteStore.
  • 4. Copy the client ID and client secret for your app.

When testing the integration, set the 'Is Live' section to 'Test Mode'

When you're ready to go Live, set the 'Is Live' section to 'Live/Production Mode'