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How To Setup Personal Wholesale Pricing On Your InstanteStore

Reward your customers via personal wholesale pricing.

Perosnal wholesale pricing is an easy way to reward your customers and maintain their loyalty.

The personal wholesale pricing feature is a popular ecommerce store feature which is available for use for free, except on InstanteStore's lowest plan - Profit Machine. Merchants utilize this feature for a number of reasons:

1. As a way to reward loyal customers.

2. Special pricing levels for stockists.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

You can use the personal wholesale feature as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Just as with rewards points, you can set diiferent price levels for different groups of customers in order to reward them with different prices. By default, visitors who are not logged in, will view price level 0 prices. However, if visitors are logged in, they can be set to a different price level, from 1 to 9. You can set the price levels when you use the Modify Customer feaure.

Customize Price Level

Away to entice visitors to register on your store is to incentivise then to do so. You can let visitors know that if they register on your store, they will automatically be entitled to purchase all or certain products at cheaper prices. You can manually set each visitor or customer which registers on your store to a certain price level or have us customize it so it is done automatically.

Set Special Price Level For Stockists

Stockists are customers who resell your products. With the personal wholesale pricing system, you can set different price levels for different groups of stockists. You can place those who purchase x number of products at one price level and those who sell y number of products at another price level. This is a way to incentives your stockists to buy more from you.

Personal Wholesale Pricing is different from Quantity Bulk Purchase because customers need not login or register to enjoy discounts with the latter. However, you have the option to charge membership for the latter if you wish if you want to make it more exclusive so members have to log in to be able to enjoy the discounts with bulk purchases. In general, the Personal Wholesale Pricing feature is exclusive and you can set different levels of exclusivity.

Click this link to learn how to setup personal wholesale pricing. This feature is fantastic as a CRM tool and if you have stockists working with you.

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