Powerful Store Admin

Dashboard and Store Stats

Your store dashboard gives you quick view of how your store is doing. At a glance you will know the total orders you've had, which are your top sellers, your inventory level and much more. For more detailed information, we have a list of store statistics for you to peruse – Order Statistics, Customer Statistics and Store Summary Statistics.

View Orders

This is where all the action is. A quick glance at the dashboard will tell you how the store is doing. You can view more detailed order and customer stats in a matter of clicks. You can do lots more than just approve orders on your Order Listing page. You can sort orders by various fields and even analyze your aborted orders list and perhaps reach out to those who have abandoned their carts.

Reward Loyal Customers

This leads us to the tools we have for customer relationship management (CRM). If you have loyal customers, it's nice to reward them once a while. One way is to activate the redemption point system for your store and manually reward loyal customers with “bonus” points. That's sure to put a smile on someones face and keep them buying from your store. You could even activate the personal wholesale feature for your store and assign customers to different price levels. So, regular shoppers at a store will see a discounted price once he/she is logged in.

Packing Slips

Print packing slips one by one or in batches. You can use your very own HTML layout if you wished to. We've made it very convenient for you to do so.

Staff Users

If you're not the only one running your store, you can create logins for your staff and limit their access. You can add and delete as many users as you want. And you can even check the logs to see who has been accessing the store and when.