The Facebook Attribution Window: How Facebook Tracks Conversions

One of the most widely used and prevalent online business advertisement tools in recent years has been the expansion of Facebook Ads. The opportunity to focus in on target markets and test ads against different demographics of people has been widely useful for businesses of all sizes. Understanding the ways in which Facebook tracks a conversion is necessary for all businesses, as they aim to use these conversion metrics in order to determine their ROI on their marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • People interact with your Facebook and Instagram ads, doing everything from merely looking, to site-visiting to buying an item.
  • Facebook records the conversions and the data is make readable to view and use under Ad Manager.
  • The attribution window refers to the amount of time that elapsed between when a converted user saw an ad and the time when the user acted on it.

“In this article, you?ll learn how to use the Facebook Attribution Window feature for Facebook ad campaigns.”

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