Here are the 63 startups that launched today at Y Combinator’s S18 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator, which helps provide seed-funding for new startups, accepted a truckload of applications for its YC summer 2018 startups to fund list. As might be expected, the list was to say the least eclectic. However, by backing up to acquire a less overwhelming perspective, it became clear that there were constellations that revolved around themes. Put into percentages, there were maybe about 30% offering business to business service options, or software. There were almost that many going after the healthcare dollar, almost 10% for consumer goods and services and slightly less for consumer media. Blockchain brought up the tail-end at about 5%. About 15% of the founding members were female. About 11% were African American or Latino. About 19 countries were represented. Almost a third of the companies were based outside of the U.S. Some specifically innovative options included one company, Higia, which hoped to monitor thermal patterns in female breasts, via their unique brassier implant technology, thereby creating a non-invasive way to screen breasts. Sterblue is French drone software that will look over outdoor structures, examining for problems. Togg, which is designed for elder-care institutions can analyze and deliver data showing changes in residents behavior that are significant to their health.

Key Takeaways:

  • YC Summer 2018, held at the Computer History Museum, featured a large variety of start-up companies.
  • The start-ups at YC Summer 2018 included companies from the healthcare, consumer goods, media, and B2B software and services industries.
  • This year, 15 percent of the company founders at the YC event were female.

“A total of 63 companies took to the stage in front of a full audience at the Computer History Museum today in Mountain View to pitch on-off switches for organisms, laundry detergent subscription services, gymless gyms, lab-grown palm oil and sugary sugar substitutes.”

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