3 Easy Website-Personalization Tricks That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

Even if your site is awesome and chock-a-block with great and relevant content that users are fascinated by and find useful, you may still be alienating a portion of those that land on your web pages. Why? Just because your content is ‘all that’ doesn’t tell the entire story. People landing upon your site are there for a specific purpose, everything they see should relate to that goal. It’s called personalization. And, while it’s great to have personalized content, if the ads and other promos etc. are about irrelevant subjects that have nothing to say or offer respective of the goals of those landing on the page than some landing and potential leads are going to get lost. So, along with the content, it’s important to personalize the shopping options. In fact, close to half of those surveyed said they would buy from retailers that personalized their shopping across the board. Business owners are realizing the need for this, as more than two-thirds believe that real-time personalization is where the money is. Conversion-specific design elements, like widgets can target landing users based on a number of important factors such as, location, devices the user has and past visits to the site. Using product recommendation engines, for example, allows gathering of users online behavior so that sites can generate ads specific to what they have shown interest in already. Retargeting campaigns that only go after those that have already shown interest in an offering is another great way to achieve conversion from interest to lead. The more site owners target the specific interest of each landing visitor the better their conversion rates will be.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can run special promotions for your client that are triggered according to the date, time, or the site visitor’s location.
  • Use product recommendation engines that are based on algorithms that track your visitors’ online behavior.
  • Keep in mind that your potential customers place a higher value on what interests them personally.

“According to a study released by Janrain, 74 percent of online consumers surveyed said they were frustrated with websites that show content in the form of ads, offers and promotions that aren?t related to their personal interests. What this means is that you?re alienating your site visitors every time you let an irrelevant offer pop up on their screen.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/318758

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