Free Keyword, Site Design And Shopping Cart Software Tips

Here are a few more FREE keyword, site design and shopping cart software tips that we’ve garnered by analyzing customer questions, digesting the latest ecommerce findings and carrying out our own little experiments. It’s still basically the usual suspects – keywords, site design and shopping cart software – that are under the microscope, but with a little twist here and there. All these little tweaks are important as customer trends keep changing.

Every year it seems like we encourage our merchants to get their Christmas/Holiday store preparations done a little bit earlier than the year before. This year is no different.

Avoid The Christmas Rush

We all know how important it is to get ranked for the keywords that you’ve been targeting. Though many merchants have achieved success through organic SEO alone, quite a few have invested in PPC as well in order to get additional targeted traffic to their sites. Provided you’ve done adequate research on keywords, the next thing you’ll want to do is obtain those keywords for as low a price as possible. The best time to bid for keywords you plan to target for Christmas is … now. If you wait until it’s very close to Christmas, those keywords might cost too much by then.

Of course, not everyone knows now what they’re going to be promoting for the Christmas season 10 months away. This is why you should keep your finger on the pulse of trends related to the products that you’re selling. For example, merchants who sell sports shoes would probably look for previews and reviews of upcoming shoe models. This way, merchants can probably anticipate which shoes will be in demand in the near future and thus know what keywords to bid for.

Two Step Landing Pages

We’ve written before about the importance of a well-designed shopping cart template as well as about shopping cart templates in general. Today, we will look at something a little different: two step landing pages.

Some sites are experiencing as much as 30% increase in conversion rates by introducing two step landing pages. In fact, 60% of visitors actually click on to proceed to the next page.

Two step landing pages are great for less specific keywords. For example, “Brooks Glycerin 8” can be the targeted keyword for a two step landing page. The links on that page could lead to two other pages targeting keywords – Men’s Brooks Glycerin 8 and Women’s Brooks Glycerin 8 – respectively. This way, you can target a wider spectrum of related keywords.

Successful two step landing pages are simple and to the point, usually prompting a visitor to click on a link within a second of landing. Keeping it simple is key to engaging a customer and subtly gaining their trust.

Free Live Chat Software

The net has made people, especially shoppers, very impatient. Not everyone can wait 24 hours to have their product inquiry answered. For these shoppers, it’s all too easy to just click the mouse and shop somewhere else instead. To help remedy this, InstanteStore is offering a Free Live Chat Software that can be downloaded here. This is a novel way to engage customers and improve conversion rates at no extra charge. It’s easy to install and it’s FREE to as well.

More To Come

There will be more site design and shopping cart software related articles to come as we scour the Net for the latest ecommerce news and tips. If you have anything new that you’ve discovered, or would like us to write about any particular ecommerce topic that you feel is relevant, leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

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