5 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

5 Ways To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

With any new relationship, trust is always the first emotion we need to feel toward each other in order to move forward. In this case, your customer needs to be able to trust you before buying something from you. They need to trust that you are who you claim to be and your products are what you say they are. But how do you get a complete stranger to trust you when they probably know nothing about you? This post will cover 5 ways you can gain a customer’s trust just by using your website.

Strong Website Design is Crucial

Why? Its simple, appearance is the most important when it comes to first impressions right? Well, it is exactly the same with a website page. If your website does not look visually appealing people might ignore it. Even if people do click on it, they might not stay on your page long enough to actually be convinced to buy something. Not forgetting that your competitors probably have a more visually appealing website compared to you.

A website’s design MUST be visually appealing to catch viewers attention.

What does a trustworthy page look like compared to a untrustworthy one?

Here are two example stores. Both of them are selling the same thing (custom flavored ice cream). But which one would you (as a customer) trust more and purchase from?

First store:
Example of a trustworthy website

Second store:

Example of a not trustworthy website

As any normal human being i’m sure you picked the first store right? Simply because the store website was much more visually appealing compared to the second one. Not to mention, the webpage was also much more organized. All the information were categorized into sections and not all over the page.


Tips on how to build a trustworthy page:


  • Visually appealing images


  • Neatly placed text


  • Proper text size


  • Well organized categories


  • Information on your business/brand


  • Make sure that the theme of your web page matches with your branding


  • Offer customers a quick click to your social media pages


What to avoid:


  • Unprofessional fonts


  • Fonts that are hard to read


  • Bad grammar/spelling


  • Messy layout


  • Abusing the caps button


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Make Your Website/Company More Relatable

Don’t be afraid to share. Share about yourself, your brand, your employees and even what your customers think about you. Through sharing customers can see how much you care about your brand/business. Besides that, through sharing other customers experiences new people who visit your page are more likely to trust those comments.

92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know and 70 percent of consumers trust peer experiences posted online. People trust and listen to other people.

Make sure to put all this on your landing page as that is what your customers will see first.

An example of sharing customer experiences on your website for others to see:

Getting more personal by sharing pictures of your employees:

Make Sure To Constantly Update Your Website

What you can do is constantly look for things you can update on your site. Whether it be the design, the loading time of the page or information. This shows your customers and potential customers that you are a company who is constantly on-top of things. Which is a good attribute to have especially when trying to earn someone’s trust.

Constant update on information is great. This is especially good for the new customers and for you to earn their trust. By constantly updating you page, it also shows that you are a serious business with a lot of activity and is constantly spouting out new content. 

Show That You Are Active Online

By being active online this just shows that your company is engaging with its audience.

I know I personally like to check a business’s social media sites to see how active they are.

If a store has not update their social media channels for a while, how am I to know if the store is still active or not? For all I know it could not be active anymore and the site is just a dead site. This will cause me to worry and not purchase from you. I mean why would I purchase from a store who no longer sells.

A great way to show your viewers that you are social media active without having them searching for you is to incorporate them onto your website! Many websites today do that so whenever they update their social media sites it will automatically show up on the feed on their website.

Here’s an example of Instagram being integrated on the Pestle & Mortar website:

Example of Instagram integrated onto a webpage

Check out our blog post on How Instagram Can Help Online Selling 

Make It Easy For Anyone To Contact You

Show your customers that they can contact you whenever they want to. There is nothing more frustrating than having to look for a company’s contact details on their website. So make sure to have a “Contact Us” section and to make it clear and easy for people to see and click. A regular “Contact Us” section will normally include information such as address, telephone/fax number and an email address. However, some businesses who do no provide an email address often provide a form where customers or anyone who has a question can fill and the form will also include a space where you can add your contact details so they can get back to you.

Here is an example of InstanteStore’s “Contact Us” section:

Instantestore contact us information                                        Instantestore contact us information


Instantestore contact us information


Businesses like Victoria’s Secret have added a live chat option for its viewers and customers to use. This option allows the business to directly answer a question a customer might have on the spot. But, with using a chat system there has to be a person who is ever ready to reply questions. Also, the chat only works during office hours. So, even if you have a chat option for your customers do not forget the good old fashion “Contact Us” option so that customers can still contact you after office hours.
Example of a live chat feature on a website

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