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WhatsApp Share And Contact feature on various mobile pages

WhatsApp is the juggernaut of mobile messaging apps. It has prevailed over many competitors which have branded themselves as much cooler with much more hip features. Alas, fads don’t last and WhatsApp remains one of the first apps downloaded when a new phone is purchased. It’s the darn emojis, I tell you. In January 2017, it was revealed that WhatsApp monthly active users have increased by 200 million, year on year. It now has a whopping 1.2 billion monthly active users. If you’re an InstanteStore merchant, find out below why you should tap into this resource and how to go about setting it up the WhatsAppp Share & Contact button for your store.

Why Should You Have The WhatsApp Share & Contact Feature On Your Store

With 1.2 billion monthly active users, it’s very likely that many of your customers are WhatsApp users. With the WhatsApp Share & Contact app, your customers can easily share what they’ve bought or share a product they were looking at with their friends and relatives. This is exactly what happens when I go shopping and I need an opinion on something I’m thinking of buying. I take a picture of the product I’m looking at, share it with a friend whose opinion I trust and see what she thinks. 5 minutes later, I’m RM50 poorer.

And if a customer is close to making a purchase but needs some clarification, they can contact you immediately with this app. That will certainly help boost conversion.

How Do I Activate This Feature

This feature is available for merchants using the V8 admin panel, which is InstanteStore’s latest admin panel version. Too configure this feature, login to your store, click the marketing link followed by the WhatsApp Share Contact link.

WhatsApp Share Contact Link On V8 Menu

Then, choose if you’d like to activate one or both WhatsApp buttons. For your WhatsApp Share button, you can set your default WhatsApp message. By default, if the button appears on your Main, Category or Info pages, the share button will link to the main page. If the share button appears on a product page, it will link to that particular product page.

WhatsApp Share And Contact configuration page on Instantestore

Once you’re done, click the Save Settings button and Publish your changes and you’re done.

WhatsApp Share and Contact Button on Product Page

What’s Cool For The User

The buttons are not stuck on the mobile page. A user can move it around the page so it does not block any links or images. And with just one click, the user can share your store or product page with anyone on the users’ WhatsApp contact list. Of course, the user can also contact you conveniently with this app. All of this ads to improved user experience for your store which could lead to better sales.

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