Dynamic Online Shopping Cart News – Facebook Don’ts

This dynamic online shopping cart news installment looks at a common mistake that many merchants make – trying to sell on Facebook.

Over 50% of merchants who’ve employed social media strategies say that selling on Facebook does not work. Around 20% of those surveyed said that it had a positive impact on business and there are even some (12%) who said that it had a negative effect on business. We’re not really sure how this happened but we’re really curious too find out.

With all the hype over social networking sites, why aren’t the figures adding up? After all, social networking sites like Facebook have over 400 million active users. The reason is simple – sites like Facebook are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites, not ecommerce sites. People go there to socialize. They do not go there with the primary intention to shop. People go to online stores with fully integrated shopping cart software for that.

So if people are not going to sites like Facebook to shop, then why are social networking sites important to merchants?

When businessmen meet at conventions and seminars, they trade business cards but not product brochures. The idea is to build rapport. It’s a natural and cost-effective way of marketing. The keyword here is marketing and not selling. If you try to sell on Facebook, chances are you will fail but if you market on Facebook, the likelihood of success is higher.

So naturally the question now would be how to market on social networking sites like Facebook. Instead of hard selling products, try providing information related to the products you are selling on your online store which readers might find beneficial. For instance, if you have a site selling bedding, your complimenting Facebook page could contain articles on how to maintain certain types of bedding like quilts.

Social marketing will work for you if people naturally seek out your page because the content appeals to them. As you gain their trust, you will also build brand loyalty. In time, your store’s social networking page will become a funnel for targeted traffic of ready buyers.

To summarize:

1) Never pitch on a social networking site

2) Provide information that will benefit visitors

3) Build rapport and trust

We hope this little shopping cart help and tips have given you a better understanding on how to use social networking sites to benefit your store.

If you have any comments about our dynamic online shopping cart news, feel free to share them with us in our comments section.

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