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Apparel Sample Display On Amazon
Amazon Apparel Display Sample


I’ve always said that everything on a store page should somehow lead a visitor to add a product to cart and hopefully the visitor will end up successfully completing the checkout process.

Our ecommerce solution offers lots of tools that can both improve conversion as well distract visitors when not applied wisely.You don’t have to use every single tool that’s available. Chill a bit and look at your store from the point of view of a visitor, a potential buyer.







If you find yourself asking, “Would it be nice if feature ‘x’ was available?”, then it it would probably be wise to add that feature. If you find that certain available features do not add any value to the persuasion process, then it would probably be wise to remove it from the page.

For example, surveys reveal that visitors to web stores selling party or clubbing dresses are not too interested in having a closer look at the dresses. Visitors to those sites have not much use for zoom tools, user reviews, and rating systems.

What they do want to see more of are different product views. So each dress should have at least two different angle shots accompanying it, preferable with a ‘hover to change view’ feature for better user experience.

Also, as mentioned in another article, try to use real models instead of mannequins. And believe it or not, if you find that a a particular dress design is not selling well, put in on your prettiest model and see what happens. If you’re selling such products, you must remember that you’re not selling a dress. You’re selling a look.

Distractions come in many forms. One common distraction lies in the choice of cross-sell items. If you’ve managed to persuade a visitor to add a dress to cat, it would not be a wise choice to cross sell that person similar dresses. If that person only has the budget to spend on one dress, she might be torn between the design she just added to cart and another which just appeared in the cross-sell section.

If she decides she needs some time to think it over, you’ve more or less lost a sale.

Cross-selling accessories and shoes would be a better bet as it would complement the dress which has just been added to cart and not compete with it.

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