Add Value To Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience

Selling at times is quite an art. You need a combination of getting the ‘desire effect’ right. Look at how Apple did it. Their products are more expensive but whenever there’s any product launch (or even a hint of it), everyone goes a bit nuts. Then comes the sales.

But let’s get down to reality here. Not all businesses are like Apple. Normal folks who are just setting up a small online store to sell products need to offer something more to their customers.

Other than the usual buy 2 and get 1 free or free shipping thrown in, one of the best ways would be to add some value to your customers. Depending on what type of product that you are selling, your online store should not only be about your products. It should have a mixture of tips, advice and relevant information to help your customers. Or it could even be a good place for people to visit to get relevant, useful and informative tips and advice. This will help your store’s SEO if you get a lot of natural traffic coming in.

Keep It Simple And Straight To The Point

And to make sure that all those wonderful advice and information does not get too mundane or boring, please remember to keep it concise, easy to understand and throw in a few good images and short videos. For example, if you’re selling gym equipment, you’d offer good tips on how to work out with the relevant gym products that you are selling. Also throw in helpful tips on how to loose weight or build muscle mass along with the right way to go about training your body. Add in a training calendar or point to relevant helpful apps that are available.

Add In Sizing And Measurement Tables

If you happen to be selling clothing, have a measurement table or schedule for easy access so that international customers could quickly find their size equivalent. Offer them tips on how to care for their clothing or which type and color of clothing is best suited for which body shape. Your customers will appreciate your advice. You could also throw in some natural tips on how to care for your skin and body texture. (Tip : Soak away your stress with Epsom salt and enjoy smooth skin)

Offer Wise Advice, Creative Tips And Problem-Solving Solutions

Selling toys for children? No problem. Offer some wise parental advice for parents. Not only about how to play with their kids but on helping to engage their children to help them grow intellectually along with behavior management. Sounds quite a mouthful huh? Start a small forum where parents could come together to help discuss about some of the challenges that they face as parents and where they could get good and helpful advice.

Electronic gadgets? Offer tips on prolonging the battery life or in taking care of the product.

Selling shoes? How to avoid nasty corns and callouses. Tips to pamper your feet without costing you a bomb. The size of your feet should fit comfortably with which size to avoid buying the wrong size?

Food stuff? Offer recipes and creative ways to cook. Come up with a creative dish. What would go well with your product?

Bags, wallets, accessories. How to best care for your products. What kind of cleaning agent to use or not to use.

The list and possibilities are endless. Be creative. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what will actually add value to them when they come to have a look at your products.

Don’t forget to put these up on your store’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. They make good content for your newsletters and flyers that you email out to your customers.

Happy selling and sharing! And to all our customers out there who are looking forward to the Lunar New Year, enjoy this season celebrating with your family and friends.

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